Le Chalet

London has been transformed into a playground for children and adults alike. 

Kids push their noses up against the frosted glass of Hamleys windows, while their parents promise that Father Christmas will bring them the world for their Stocking this year. Penguins with polished shoes stumble across the pavements, swigging on bottles and laughing over lost words of Festive songs. 

The Gentleman and I escaped the crowds, under the cover of dark, and ducked into the twinkling lights of Selfridges.

Friendly smiles greeted us, took our coats, and ushered us over to our little candle lit table at Le Chalet.

We were in serious need of some cocktails to get us into the festive mood so he went for a Gingerbread Slipper and I went for an Espresso Martini.

The Gingerbread Slipper was the perfect gentleman’s drink; Havana Especial, Gingerbread, Lemon, Egg White and Vanilla Bitters.

Of course mine speaks for itself and was delicious, but incredibly strong. I’m sure I tasted a festive touch of ground Biscotti in there too.

Our waitress was lovely and very attentive. Our candle went out twice, so she replaced it and we asked for water top-ups quite regularly.

When it came time to order, we started with the ‘Ancient Bread’ a deliciously fresh/warm loaf with a crunchy thick crust and a soft centre with an almost croissant like flavour.

Our main courses came extremely quickly, we hadn’t actually finished our bread yet before it came! Neither of us had eaten much for lunch though, so we both dove in!

The pork was the dish of choice for the both of us. A beautifully succulent, spit roasted suckling pig with apple sauce and black pudding fritters. The pork was gorgeous, although a little fatty and the flavours all combined deliciously. Our palates were happy for sure, and I was extremely pleased to see a nice piece of crackling to top it all off!

We were advised to order a few sides, so got the rosemary roasted potatoes and roasted root vegetables.

The pork was served on a bed of cabbage with chorizo which gave a lovely added depth to the dish and a bit of spice to an old classic. It was a welcome addition. Individually, all the ingredients of the dish were delicious. Together, they modernised a classic British Sunday meal.

Although the pork was out of this world; I really could have sat there and eaten bowls of the roasted vegetables and potatoes. The parsnips and carrots are practically caramelised which is exactly how I like them. This is the comfort food that I love!

By this point, I was getting a little chilly – a little reminder that we were actually on the roof of Selfridges! So made use of the fabulous tartan blanket, that had been placed on the back of my chair.

We let the food settle, before asking for the menu once again and deciding on our pudding to share.

Can you ever go wrong with a decadent Chocolate and Toffee Sponge? Apparently not! Gorgeous Chocolate sponge, with just the right amount of denseness to lightness and a fabulously rich sauce coating it all.

If I had one problem, I would have liked a bit more sauce. Just because I’m a greedy little piggy and it was so tasty!

The Gentleman settled the bill as the meal was his treat, but he did say it was less than he thought it would be!

We took the beautiful lit up corridor as a little excuse to practise our poses, before heading back down in the lift.

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Eventually, we headed back down into the store to head home. Although when we reached the shop floor, the store was practically empty. When do you ever see Selfridges empty? Never. 

We made the most of it and had a little wonder around, deciding what we’d buy if we had millions of pounds to burn. Walking through the perfume section, we stumbled across a magical floral bed surrounded by a beautiful white cage. Of course we had to stop. On realising it was a photo booth, we didn’t stop ourselves from getting a quick snap. 

I can’t find any information for the photobooth, but head into Selfridges and make sure you get your Sleeping Beauty snap! 

We took a leaf out of Aurora’s book, and slipped away into the night, away to the land of shut eye. 

How was your weekend; did you manage to escape anywhere, away from the Christmas crowds?