Flat Iron and Experimental Cocktails

The Gentleman took me out for lunch at the weekend. He went to watch England Vs Australia on the Saturday and left me at home, so it was only fair. Right girls?!

I left the entire thing in his hands. 

We arrived at Flat Iron and were shown to our table. 

First impressions weren’t great. You sit with others at the table, a bit like at Wagamamas. Something I’m not a huge fan of, but I held my tongue, sat at the ‘canteen-style’ table (you know where the seats are attached to the table?) and munched some of the salted popcorn that had been placed in front of us.

The Gentleman got pretty excited over the knives, I have to say they were pretty cool!

The menu is short. The choice is steak, with a selection of sides. I LOVE steak with a capital ‘L’ so I was happy! You can choose how you have it cooked (I’m a rare/blue girl – give it to me still bleeding please) but they suggest you have it medium rare, so we both went with the suggestion. 

The steak is delicious. Perfectly cooked with sea salt sprinkled across and served on a flat iron (obviously) atop a wooden board. It’s the only display it needs, and practically frames the meat in all its glory like a work of art! My photos really don’t do it justice as the lighting is awful in there!

We ordered a selection of sides to share between us;

Creamed spinach.

Triple cooked chips.

Purple stemmed broccoli.

The food was really good, but it was definitely apparent that the chef liked salt. I love a bit of salt on my steak, but the salt was on everything (yes, even on the side salad) and it was too overpowering. Especially as we had salty popcorn to start the meal. 

My knight in shining armour raced downstairs to get me a cocktail from the bar as you can order and pay for them down there, but they won’t bring them upstairs to you. Hmm.

Even so, it was delicious. A strawberry and basil Mojito. The ice, cut from a huge block that slowly melts down to save freezer space!

Even though there were a few things I picked out about the food, it was a really lovely meal. The staff were completely attentive and it was really nice for us to have some time together over one of our favourite meats. 

When we’d finished our food, neither of us wanted our little date to end. We decided to go on a hunt, to find somewhere that we could both have a cocktail each and continue to enjoy each others company. 

The Life Goddess has been nestled in Kingly Court for just a few months, and we were so pleased to come across it. They were really happy for us to sit at the bar, and the 40 seat restaurant slowly filled up. 

We were lucky to have the full attention of the bar tender who suggested the perfect drinks for us. 

For The Gentleman, a whiskey concoction full of some of the finest ingredients at the bar. I smelt it, but that was enough for me. It was incredibly strong and there were at least two types of whiskey in it.

For me, something a lot more girlie and sweet. A sort of more glamorous White Wine Spritzer. 

Lychee, white wine, lemonade and crushed grapes went in to it and it was garnished beautifully. These guys definitely know what they are doing and if you can’t find something you like on the menu, they’ll create something for you!

It definitely gets my seal of approval and The Gentleman and I will be heading back soon, I’m sure, to sample the delights of the food menu. 

The bar tender also announced that they are starting a happy hour every single day (yes, Monday to Sunday) from 5pm to 7pm. So go and try it after work!