Festive Face Masks

At this time of year, our skin needs even more help than usual in the care department. It can easily dry out or break out, due to the party season taking it’s toll and the cold weather. 

I like to bring a little of the summer back during this time of year. What better way than a tropical face mask?!

I know, I know – it’s like wearing a santa costume by the pool, or sipping cocktails from a coconut by the fire… but it really does make me feel a bit better!

I bought this one from Superdrug a little while ago for just 99p! Although, they have a special offer on them at the moment – fab idea if you wanted to have the girls over before the Christmas party! 

I chose this one because I got excited by the peeling… I know, so mature. 

The consistency and colour is really similar to runny honey. Once I had it on my hand, it was very difficult to squeeze the rest from the packet and keep it from slipping onto the floor!

A bit of a messy job!

You’re supposed to cleanse your face and ensure it’s completely dry, prior to applying the mask, so that it can get right down into the pores. 

I was eventually able to apply it. BEWARE, bare, makeup free, face below with just the face mask. 

The colour when it’s actually on my skin isn’t as bold as the picture shows, and you have to make sure it’s thin enough to be able to dry. On parts where the product had gathered, it took a lot longer to dry and remained slightly tacky when it came to peeling it off. 

I know this is really gross, and probably not what you want to see on my blog – but I thought I’d include a peeling photo for you curious people!

You can’t take yourself too seriously. #YOLO. Trust me, the peeling part is so much fun!

Plus, when you’re done, you’re left with a brand new face. Just like this;

Ta da!

Have you guys been adding anything into your regimen to enhance your winter beauty routine? Any product recommendations?