Made in Greece

Every time I go home, I have a little flick through my sisters wardrobe for inspiration and to see what new styles she’s acquired. 

That’s the great thing about having sisters and girlfriends, you double/triple/quadruple your wardrobe for free!

This amazing jacket was a new piece on her hangers. I’d never seen it before and immediately chucked it on. Twirling into the kitchen, my mum stopped and looked at me.

‘That’s my jacket!’ she exclaimed. My jaw nearly hit the floor. My mum always has some beautiful pieces, but I’ve never known her to own anything like this.

‘Oh yeah, I bought it in Greece. Oh, about 20 years ago now!’ FABULOUS. That definitely makes it vintage right?

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The jacket has the most beautiful patterns on it, almost like a china plate. The seams are sewn together with giant stitches and the boxy fit just makes it feel so expensive. Ok, so the hood isn’t the most flattering shape and leaves me looking a bit like a pixie (no photographic evidence of this obviously!) but it hangs fabulously down the back!

Of course, my darling pup Keya had to be included in the photos. She’s made a full recovery since her operation, and she’s back to her old bouncy self. I just have to remind myself to stop her running about so much, as I don’t want her to open her stitches. I’m still so thankful for my family, and especially sister Sophie who nursed her back to full health, and even slept by her basket to make sure she was getting better. 

I paired the jacket with my fab new trousers from H&M. Remember I was trying to replace my River Island pair? Eventually they got so weak that when I bent over, they ripped right up the back. So I was pretty desperate to find a replacement. The ones I found in H&M were a steal and £10 cheaper than my old pair. Win.

Jacket – Vintage (I like this one. This one is also amazing if you have the money for it!) // T shirt – Zara // Black Jeans – H&M // Boots – New Look (Old, but similar here or here.

I didn’t manage to steal the jacket and bring it to London with me, but I can’t wait to style it up for spring and see how Sophie will be wearing it in the meantime.

Photography courtesy of Sophie Matthews.