Green People Organic Products

Skincare isn’t something I’m usually that good at, my mum has fabulous skin for her age, and I guess I hope I’ve inherited that from her!

I know there’s a lot of importance in keeping good regimens though, to ensure that our bodies and skin last as long as possible. I’m not one to never say no to botox, but I know it’s an expensive habit, and one that I definitely can’t afford for the time being!

These Green People* products were gifted to me after an event and I took the pictures a while ago, but wanted to try them for a while before I laid down my thoughts.

First of all, I was slightly hesitant about trying the Anti Ageing Facial Oil due to the fact that it’s an oil. I feel like I have mixed combination skin so worry a little with oily products that they may be a bit excessive on my skin. This product just needs the smallest amount and goes a long way. Therefore, this tester size actually lasts a good while and at just £3.60, is pretty good value for money!

I use it after I’ve washed and blend it all over my face and neck, it has a lovely smell – the only way I can describe it is that it makes you feel really warm…?! I’ve noticed that it’s also a lovely product to use on my eyebrows to keep them tame. Out of the pot, it’s quite a liquid oil and very yellow, but sinks easily into the skin and leaves it feeling very smooth. 

I follow up with this lovely product, which comes out almost as a primer consistency, but a tad more liquid.  

The Hydrating Firming Serum is completely different, this one gives a cool feel to the skin after the warmth of the oil. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it firms my skin – it doesn’t really have that tightening feeling, you normally have with a firmer, but it’s still a lovely product when finished with moisturiser. To try it in this size is just £3.95 too, so hardly bank breaking. 

I’ve been using both the products now for over three weeks and there’s still plenty left to go! They do make me feel good due to their organic journey too. I had no idea that a product only has to have 1% of its ingredients being natural to be called a ‘natural’ product – Green People ensure that they have  over 90% natural and organic ingredients in their products, which does give my moral a little boost too!

Do you often try Organic/Natural products for your skin? Are there any skincare products you can’t live without, that I need to try?