Cosy Club

When I’m back in Devon, I love to try new places and promote the local area. Although, unfortunately there aren’t that many independents. 

Loads of my friends have been going on about The Cosy Club, for a long time and I was actually quite looking forward to getting down there and seeing what they had to offer.

It’s not an independent, as they are popping up all over the South West but I wouldn’t exactly call it a chain either. The Exeter restaurant/bar has been open since April 2013 and is a transformed Hospital Wing which makes each individual branch of Cosy Club something a little different to the previous!

You enter through the Chapel entrance into a large space with separate areas depending on your requirements. We had booked a table in the restaurant and coincidentally, my best friend had been at the restaurant just 30 minutes before us. While we were sitting down, I even declared that she always talks about it, and was the reason I wanted to go along!

Sophie and Ruairidh were both working, so it was The Parents, The Gentleman and myself for dinner which actually made a nice change!

We started with a few cocktails;

Mother had a Blighty – Chase Raspberry Liquor in Prosecco with Strawberries. Beautifully crisp and fruity.

For The Gentleman – Gingerbread Bramble. Grasovka Bison Vodka, Gingerbread Syrup and Fresh Lemon. Shaken and Poured over Ice then topped with a drizzle of Chase Raspberry Liquor. 

And for myself, the English Garden. Tanqueray Gin, Pressed Apple Juice and Elderflower on ice with Cucumber to finish. I think a trend is starting with the whole cucumber and drinks thing

My dad started with a G&T – like he always does and followed with a bottle of Red Wine, which everyone seemed to enjoy. 

I snapped quite a few photos as it took an unbelievably long time for our food to arrive. Ok, it wasn’t overly long. But as we weren’t having starters, it did seem that a 45 minute wait for food was a tad excessive. The waitress; Selima was incredible though and kept coming back to see if there was anything she could get us while we waited. 

Eventually the food came, but I have to say we weren’t entirely impressed. I was so caught up in everyone else’s food, that I failed to take a photo of mine, which was actually a pretty delicious Duck Confit with Braised Puy Lentils and Smoked Bacon served with Honey Roasted Root Vegetables and a Red Wine Sauce.

My Dad went for the Classic Hamburger – 6oz Hamburger, Iceburg Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion and Cosy Mayo in a Brioche Bun with house salad and skin on fries. 

The bread was good and had a lovely flavour, but in my family we like our meat done rare or at least medium rare. This one was over-cooked and the ‘side salad’ was more of a garnish. 

My mum was the most disappointed however with her incredibly stingy portion of Crab and Prawn Linguini. You can see the size of the portion against the lemon half. Brixham Bay White Crab Meat and prawns with Rocket, Spinach, Tarragon and Cherry Tomatoes topped with Red Chillies. It even would have been better if the Chef had piled some fresh rocket and spinach on top to bulk it out a bit.

Even so, The Gentleman’s Venison Pie was delicious! Tender cuts of Venison and Smoked Bacon in a Red Wine Sauce, topped with a Rosemary Puff Pastry Lid, Pea Puree and Blue Cheese Mash. Absolutely incredible flavours together, and I was actually annoyed with myself for not ordering it. 

One of the waitresses did actually even mention that the Chef was a tad difficult to work with and personally, I think they should probably look at the food and make some changes as that was the only part that let The Cosy Club down!

Still, our smiles were not to be removed as we had a lovely rare evening with just the four of us. 

I’ll definitely head back to The Cosy Club for cocktails, but until something is done about the food, I don’t think I’ll eat there. Let me know if you’ve been before and what you think!