Autumn Picnics on the Heath

Another beautiful day spent on Hampstead Heath with my very own Mr Heath.

Sometimes I do feel we cater to our country stereotype; does anyone else carry picnics onto green spaces in autumn whilst wearing wellies, or is it just us British? 

The Gentleman and I stopped in Hampstead to grab some supplies, before heading off up onto the green to devour them all. 

Beetroot and Smoked Salmon cream with Rocket, Apple and Blackberry Juice, Chicken and Leek Pie and a Coffee & Walnut cake to share for pudding. 

I do love autumn. I definitely do not have a favourite season though, I’d never like to make spring, summer and winter feel left out. But there’s something so seasonal about autumn and spring, nature changes the most. Animals go into hibernation and the leaves turn that gorgeous crisp orange, in the latter part of the year. 

My favourite past time is to kick up the leaves on the pavement into a flurry, or stamp on every lone leaf I can find to hear that satisfying crunch. But walks in woodland still hold a place in my top ten autumn things to do!

Especially when we come across huge fallen trees like this;

Which also double as perfectly fabulous backdrops for impromptu photo-shoots. 

Top – Reiss // Leggings – Topshop // Wellington Boots – Hunter // Bracelets – Stella & Dot // Jumper – Primark 

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We were obviously feeling pretty childish and after climbing all over the tree, went on to play in the leaves.

We decided to make a bit of a day of our leisurely stroll and walked the whole Heath, popping to Kenwood House to check that nothing had changed. – Really that’s just my excuse, I actually like to imagine myself strolling the grounds as Lady Heath of Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House is my permanent residence… well, it COULD happen!

Luckily for me, The Gentleman reminds me to keep my feet firmly on the ground (although he didn’t say WHICH grounds!) Now excuse me, while I pop off to sip my tea and ponder which lawn we’ll play croquet on.