Roast in Paradise

The last time you came to Paradise with me, was almost exactly two years ago.

It’s in the middle of nowhere, with very little transport links, but it isn’t far from our house. Dave and Elz had stayed over on our sofa bed (can’t wait for the day I can say ‘in the spare room’) and we were all rather hungry for a hearty meal.

Paradise by way of Kensal Green seemed the perfect cure for our rumbling tums. Not only does it serve incredible food, but it’s also an amazing venue for private parties with its numerous themed rooms and beautiful Old English/Italian decor. 

The boys said the prayer for the meal…

I’m totally kidding, they were actually studying the menu meticulously, trying to decide which meal with provide them with the most food on their plate.

How beautiful was our table? I wish I took a proper picture of this as it was like a lovely French Antique. I would have had this as a dressing table!

The food came in the nick of time as we’d all started to get just a little silly, or at least Dave had. 

 What do you think, next VO5 model?

Juicy, succulent lamb for Elz.

Beef (sadly a little over-done) for Dave.

And roast pork belly for The Gentleman and I, topped off with the Buffalo Smash Cocktail for me.

Everything at Paradise is done to a Tee. The food is no exception. Beautiful roast potatoes and a big yorkshire pudding filled with vegetables and smothered in rich gravy. We did have to order more gravy as we definitely didn’t have enough on the plates and you do have to pay a little extra for it, but it is good! 

They take so much effort to ensure that everything is perfect, I mean, how do you even make a jug of water look this beautiful?! If you’ve never had cucumber water by the way, you are missing out. It tastes so deliciously fresh and is so good for you!

We took Dave and Elz on a mini tour of Paradise after lunch, and they loved it. It’s an incredible place, I’d love to head back at some point for a night out and I hear they have some pretty epic plans for Halloween if you’re around!

If I ever have my own business, this is exactly how I would do it. It truly is an adults playground.