Pink Ostrich

I’ve told you already that H&M are doing really well with their current collection. Khaki’s and soft pinks work so well together and create such a contrast. 

The Gentleman has taken to calling me his ‘little soldier’ because I’ve adopted the trend so seriously. 

I’ll take that. 

To keep the outfits from looking too military, I pair the khaki colours with icy pastels which are perfect for this A/W season. Mixing up the textures keeps the outfit from looking too boring, with gold accents giving a flash of the expensive (when really the whole outfit is probably less than £70)

These trousers are gorgeously comfortable, with an elasticated waist and gathered ankles for a more forgiving shape. The oversized top is lovely too and thankfully, when tucked into the trousers, doesn’t swamp me as much as I thought it would. 

These Primark sling-back mules have become my go-to shoe. They look fab with tights, socks or bare feet, although I’m not convinced they work with denim.

Did you notice the bag? 

Who am I kidding, OF COURSE you did! Isn’t it fabulous? I’ve had it for quite a few years now and don’t get many opportunities to wear it out, but I do think it manages to work with this look quite well and not look too OTT – just me?

Also, scanning through these I’ve realised I don’t smile much in my photos. I must remember to be a bit more cheerful!

Top – H&M / Trousers – H&M / Shoes – Primark / Bag – River Island / Pink and Gold Bracelet – c/o / Stack Rings – Stella & Dot

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