Cafe de Paris – Cabaret des Distractions

In my belief, there’s not really anything better than dinner and a show to make you feel super glamorous and old-school. I’ve always been into cabaret and dinner entertainment, so when I received an invitation from Laura to go and review the new show at Cafe de Paris, I didn’t hesitate. 

I used to go to CdP a lot when I first moved to London. We would go out most Friday’s and Saturday’s and not come home until the early hours (or the sun came up). I had never witnessed one of the shows however and have been trying to find an excuse to go for a while. 

You enter via a small door next to a theatre just off piccadilly, behind a red velvet curtain and down the gold bannister stairway into a foyer. We gave our names to the girl at the door and handed our jackets in, then were lead to our table. 

The dance floor was filled with beautifully laid tables and candles burning gently. Laura and I took our seats to wait for the rest of our table to arrive. 

We surveyed the menu and made our choices, while Liam kindly ensured we were hydrated with a crisp glass of vino. 

Photo courtesy of Laura!

When the rest of our table had arrived and we’d ordered, we had a fabulous magician pop over to our table for a bit of pre-dinner entertainment. She was gorgeous and it was so brilliant to see a talented female magician for once! 

Before we knew it, our starters had arrived and we all got stuck in. 

Laura and I both had the Duck Liver and Foie Gras Terrine. The pate itself was lovely with the brioche finger it was set upon, however the gravy was particularly rich and I wasn’t sure about the combination. 

It was at this point that our host for the evening introduced himself to us. A weird and wonderful creature; with devils horns and more makeup than a Scouse Girl on a Saturday night, shimmied down the grand staircase and onto the stage. 

I felt a squeeze on my arm and Laura whispered into my ear ‘I want him to be my best friend!’ 

I certainly didn’t disagree, after all, I’d definitely rather this character as a friend than an enemy. 

He narrated the story of the Cabaret de Distractions; A tale of love and temptation inspired by 19th Century Paris. The Titanic Ballroom couldn’t have been a better location for the Romeo and Juliet-esque story. We watched, listened and ate; absorbing everything that was happening around us.

My pan-fried sea bass, by the way, was excellent – just the right amount of food without leaving me too full.

At this point, I was too enthralled and in awe of the dancer/actors so my camera was left on the table. Laura very sweetly lent me a few photos of the show. I only want to show you a taster, as I truly believe you should go and see this yourself. You’ll find yourself in fits of laughter one moment, and awestruck the next. 

Photos courtesy of Laura!

When the show came to its dramatic climax (fire WAS involved) we lapped up puddings and remaining drinks, before the table was whipped off the dance floor to make way for the real debauchery of the evening.

We were all then escorted to the mezzanine level for some after dinner drinks and a chance to properly get to know each other. 

From L-R Laura, Kitty, Elsa, Shamaine and Alex

Thanks Laura for inviting me and to Liam for hosting us all. I’ll be heading back to watch the show with the Gentleman and some friends very soon. 

Tickets are on sale now!