The Posh Sloshed Blondes

Do blondes have more fun? I think these pictures prove that we definitely do!

Sunday was the Posh Slosh summer party. Remember the Posh Slosh Ball I went to at Christmas time? They decided to take it into the summer too, and what a party it was.

We had a boozy brunch at my parents’ flat in St John’s Wood, before jumping on the tube. I think everyone loved us on that very loud journey. 

We did have to venture south of the river, but I have to admit that the sun was well and truly shining down on our arrival in Brixton. I had collected our tickets on the Saturday from Artigianio, they came in the form of Red RayBan style sunglasses with ‘Slosh Brothers’ emblazoned across the side in white – very lux.

The party was held on the POW rooftop (The Prince of Wales) and had a Cuban theme. This meant that we were all laden with flowers on our arrival, with cigars for the men (and ladies that chose to!)

EVERYONE made an effort with their outfits so the whole party was incredibly colourful. 

White fluffy clouds littered the perfectly blue sky and the sun roared heat at us. It was glorious.

Cuban flags fluttered above our heads, while the cool Slosh Brothers flag waved gracefully from the top of the flag pole.

I don’t think there’s any way to describe the consumption of the drinks, other than gorging ourselves on the delicious cocktails. Punch, Woo Woo, G&T’s – we had them all and they were all delicious! 

When our stomachs groaned, reminding us all that we’d only had croissants and alcohol for sustenance, the BBQ was ready to fill all our foody desires. 

Although the wait had us salivating like rabid dogs!

This burger was simple, yet perfectly formed. The juiciest of burgers; a generous slice of cheese, tomato, lettuce and bacon with a perfectly soft bap to sandwich it all together. 

The Gentleman and I had to slip away at 6pm as it was a school night and we didn’t want our heads to be hurting on a Monday. I hear the rest of our Blonde Troop made it until close though, taking one for the team. They enjoyed live music from bands, lots more drinking and a ton of dancing. 

Sore feet and heads were a common theme the next day. I just wish it hadn’t been a Sunday so we could have stayed later.

Speaking of which, the Posh Slosh Christmas Ball date has been announced as Saturday 13th December! Tickets for the Slosh Brothers’ Posh Slosh Christmas Ball will be on sale at the end of this month so if you’d like to get tickets/a table make sure you follow them on their social media channels. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out.