Girl in the green coat

I adore trousers at the moment. Trousers with a pretty pair of heels and a perfect top are my staple for this time of the month. They’re also the perfect transition item from summer to autumn!

This is the outfit I wore for Scarlett London’s #BloggersFestival at the weekend. 

The coat was very kindly gifted to me from the lovely people at Lee Publicity, on behalf of It’s going to be the perfect item for my wardrobe to bring some brilliant colour into autumn. 

We also HAVE to talk about these trousers that I received from VerityAnne at Bloggers Fashion Week. I have recently become a huge fan of pinstripe anything and the fabric these trousers are made from is addictive. Honestly it is super soft and so lightweight but warm enough for colder weather! 

I love that they are just elasticated at the waist too – so much less faff. Is that something I should be admitting? Yes; I am lazy when it comes to getting dressed/undressed. These remind me of pajamas – in a good way – I’d wearing pajamas all the time if I could!

On that note – look at the bow! I don’t normally do things with my hair. I’m genuinely so boring with it, because I always regret hairstyles that I try. When I left the house, the hair looked awesome. But in these, not so much. Must remember to take my photos at the start of the day!

So, will you guys be taking brights into autumn or leaving them for the summer months?