Bloggers Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 kicked off with a styling challenge and some mingling with the brands.

There were some well known and some not so well known. 

I quickly made a beeline for the Debenhams section, after I walked past their window displays on Oxford Street the day before. Has anyone else seen them? Very 50’s housewife-goes-shopping-esque with pastel colours and bold statement outfits against a backdrop of the most glamorous supermarket shelves I’ve ever seen. 

Trolleys full of shoes and handbags? Yes please. 

Clothes-wise, their collection for AW14 is very colourful. Bright, punchy, summer colours against lux furs and softer, icy pastel layers. 

My absolute favourite brand of the day had to be Tinkilove by Maria-Katharina Richters. A stunning collection of the wildest fabrics/designs and colours I’ve ever seen. I’ll show you a few now, but these had nothing on the pieces she had saved to put into the catwalk;

In stark contrast to this collection, Maria-Katharina also designs her own caps under another name – CaptureLove. I managed to get my hands on two caps from the collection, so immediately posted my most gangsta photo on Instagram. It amazes me how one person can have such a huge creative capacity – she’s also really beautiful so make sure you drop her a follow on Twitter

The next brand up was FYT & Co. I have to say I’m not really one for plain beanies and scarves, but these weren’t just any scarves, oh no. Believe it or not, the scarves are the softest I’ve ever felt and it’s all down to what they’re made from. Which is Bamboo fibre. Yes, you definitely read that right. Bamboo fibre!

They also stock some really cool designs for backpacks and are a thoroughly British Brand – love!

After all that chatting, it was time for a cupcake (or two) from Miss Cupcakes we are always spoilt with these cupcakes, they are so delicious and I would highly recommend them!

Ok, back to the fashion! 

You know how I mentioned yesterday, that Didi’s Boutique were just so generous in their gifting to all of us bloggers and I managed to bag myself those fabulous sequin trousers? Well, Ta Da! 

And no, this wasn’t one of those awkward – ‘Oh gosh, she’s turned up in the same outfit as me’ moments. Georgina and I both decided, over Twitter, that we’d wear the trousers two separate ways. What do you guys think? I love both colours, they’re so fun and you’d be surprised at how comfy they are!

Finally, it was time to scramble for our seats once more to witness the final fashion show. I was very happy to be sitting Frow again, next to the gorgeous Em from My Pale Skin Blog

First up; Vania Couture and their new AW14 ‘Kiss Me’ collection;

This dress was easily my favourite. The fabric, the ruffles, the babydoll style and the length were all perfect. I think it would make a stunning prom dress with the corset into Tulle fabric.

We were then, completely surprised with a lingerie show – very brave models!

I did love this sheer, maxi cover-up. Isn’t it beautiful? The lace detailing on the corset waist is so intricate. A really well made piece.

And finally, it was time for Tinkilove. Definitely saved the best until last!

These hooded bomber jackets are incredible. Everything about them; the puffy sleeves, the oversized hoods and the fabrics! Even over a pair of jeans I think they would look amazing!

I am a huge fan of Jumpsuits and this one is perfection with the military style. I definitely couldn’t wear it though due to my height! If you’re tall and skinny, this is a winner! Plus, has anyone else seen Cara Delevingne’s collection with Mulberry? I’m thinking one of those on your arm would complete the look perfectly!

And the finale show-stopper, this beautiful dress that just looks magnificent on the model. Perfect for the AW14 season with it’s icy colours and contrasting fabrics. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed my Bloggers Fashion Week posts. I was so grateful to be a VIB again and had such fun with all the girls. Can you believe this entire event is organised by a one woman band? Thanks so much to Danielle at Bloggers Love; once again, for all your hard work in ensuring we all have a fabulous time. 

So ladies, do you have a favourite look/brand from all that I’ve mentioned? Let me know!