Beware of Angels

He watched her enter the room. 

Her long satin gown kissed the floor around her; matching her cream stiletto heels. The crimson pedicure scattered across her toes, drew his vision up towards her hands. They too mirrored the same crimson varnish.

With an elegant touch; she tucked a long strand of golden hair behind her ear, as he had done for her so frequently before, and he could see the familiar sparkle of the Tiffany diamond studs he had bought her. 

As she reached the top of the stairs, she paused to survey the room, and he drank in her aura. Men and women around him seemed to do the same, turning to gaze up at this beauty. The light framed her perfectly, straining to get past her, and in doing so, turning her hair even more golden than usual.

He felt that familiar tingle in the pit of his stomach, as her feline green eyes settled on his. She smiled, revealing two rows of perfectly white teeth framed by her signature red lipstick. Placing one hand on the cold marble handrail, the other lifted her dress slightly, so that she could make the descent further into the room towards him. 

She didn’t take her eyes off his and knew that the flash of her long and slender pale legs, under her dress, hadn’t escaped him. He felt compelled to walk to the bottom of the stairs to meet her. Offering a hand to help her down the last few steps, while the other remained tucked behind the small of his back. The rest of the party had long since returned to their waltzing, and the sound of the orchestra filled the room with it’s sinful tune.

She accepted his gloved hand, as she finally reached the checkered tiles of the ballroom floor. 

Drawing her towards him, he whispered in her ear; ‘You look beautiful tonight.’ She squeezed his hand in response and flashed another smile, blushing at the floor. He glanced at her hand in his and his gaze fell upon the stunning Harry Winston blue Sapphire, hugging her ring finger. Next to it, a band of perfectly cut diamonds.

A booming voice stole their moment from them, snaking through the dancers as it approached; ‘Darling, what took you so long?!’ She glanced up at the man, with his arms outstretched, pacing towards her. When he arrived at her side, he immediately steered her away from the Gentleman with the white gloves, drawing her further into the room.

She obliged, walking beside her husband towards their waiting friends. Not even daring to look back at the Gentleman still standing at the bottom of the marble staircase.

This post has been written in collaboration with the Thierry Mugler Angels Team. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed something entirely different on my blog today – I’ve always loved writing and am really excited to have been given the opportunity to be part of the #BewareOfAngels campaign to inspire me to sit down and REALLY write!

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