Barbie Girl Chic

I am feeling incredibly pleased with myself right now. 

I’ve loved Barbie for a long time. Last weekend when my friend had a ‘tube stop’ themed Birthday party, I attended with The Gentleman as ‘Barbican‘ – that’s Barbie & Ken to you folks. 

Ahead of the fashion trend? I think so. 

This week, Jeremy Scott sent Moschino’s models down the catwalk head-to-toe in Barbie themed clothing and they looked incredible. 

Don’t believe me, see for yourself;

Hair was huge, loads of extensions, beehives and wavy layers for all the models with signature bright Barbie colours accenting in the form of statement earrings or sunglasses. It’s clear to see that a big trend for next summer will be over-sized accessories. Think big hats, bows and bandanas. 

Handbags were in the form of shoes, hearts and anything girlie. Elle Woods would be so proud. 

90’s TREND ALERT; Anyone else remember bubble bags?! Looks like they’re coming back!

The very best thing about this is that certain pieces from the collection are shop-able NOW! And starting prices are pretty affordable with the iPhone case starting at £45! To be quite frank, I’m lusting after it all. 

Now, which PR do I need to speak to…

Please note I do not own any of these images – they have all been sourced from Google.