Angelica and the not-so-angelic students

All around the country, students have just witnessed their first week of Uni. Freshers week. 

Most students absolutely love it. An excuse to leave home and party, for an entire week of freedom away from their parents, before their courses actually start and the hard work commences. 

But what happens to the minority that hate this week? That see it as an excuse for everyone to get ‘wasted’ beyond belief and make fools of themselves, those that feel really uncomfortable and entirely out of place struggling to enjoy it. My sister is one of this minority. 

At the weekend, The Gentleman and I popped up to Leeds to see what was going on and to try to help her out a bit. Of course, I’ve never been much of a ‘student type’, so we pulled her into town to find a good restaurant for lunch so we could talk away from her flat mates. 

We found a lovely restaurant in the Trinity Centre, on the roof; called Angelica. There was a warm breeze, so we sat ourselves outside and immediately surveyed the cocktail menu. 

You see, in my opinion, Sophie had been slumming it for long enough. A train from London to Leeds took just two hours, so we headed up on the Friday with the plan to stay two nights and come home on Sunday. 

Sophie had been ringing me, every day since she arrived at Uni and I could tell she wasn’t happy. She explained that her housemates were taking drugs every night and the accommodation people weren’t doing anything about it. When the students were caught; and bags of weed and cocaine were taken from their rooms, they were just cautioned, then went out and bought more – so much for Leeds’ ‘strict, no drugs policy’.

As soon as Ben and I walked into the flat Sophie was living in, we inhaled the extremely obvious smell of weed. Entering the kitchen, it was clear that these kids couldn’t care less about their surroundings. Tobacco scattered across the surfaces, glasses used as ashtrays, the stale smell of cigarettes mixed with a sickly smell of old alcohol and laughing gas cannisters all over the table. My idea of hell. 

Sophie was in definite need of a cocktail or two and some pampering. Who am I to deny her that, or indeed not join in?!

The Gentleman’s Bramble Stash – a muddle of Tanqueray Gin with fresh lemon juice and pistachio syrup. Served short with a drizzle of Chambord and a sprinkle of pistachio nuts. Although I’m not the biggest fan of pistachios, this was so delicious and looked so beautiful!

You can always judge a place by the quality of their Porn Star Martinis, and this one was delicious! Served exactly how I like it, my only qualm was that the shot of Champagne was a little small.

Sophie had an absolutely beautiful Malabar Gold – Lemongrass shaken with Kettle One Vodka, Lychee Liquor, Passion Fruit syrup and fresh lemon juice. How pretty is it? The flowers were such a good touch. It tasted lovely too. Sweet, but light and fresh. 

Leeds is full of glamorous people, everyone makes the most of their appearance and you’re not out of place wearing an Herve Leger dress and Louboutins in the middle of day- I love it. It seems the restaurants and bars also take this reputation quite seriously; injecting as much glamour as possible into the menu. 

We went for a large range of dishes;

Does anyone else get ‘nuggied’ on a regular basis? 

For me, Pan Fried Truffle Gnocchi – a heavy, but hearty and warming dish with incredible flavours throughout. I couldn’t finish it. The small portion is surprisingly deceiving. 

Grilled chicken and Foccacia Open Sandwich for The Gentleman.

Tuna Tartare for Sophie with sesame, spring onion, lime and nori. 

All the food was really tasty and we all ended up trying some of each. The only negative, that we all agreed on, was they they put too much oil on the food.

The service however, was absolutely impeccable. When we got a little chilly, the staff were there immediately with blankets for us to wrap around us and they genuinely wanted us to have a fantastic experience. The best part? The bill was just £55 for the three of us!