The Moor

In the middle of Devon, is a vast expanse of green desert. Vastly unexplored, it’s beauty drags you in. Urging you to walk deeper into the centre. 

The green blanket of foliage is held down by piles of rock that stand taller than you or I. A Giant must have placed them there carefully over the centuries. 

When you climb to the very top of these rock piles, you can see for miles. On a good day, you can see so far that the curvature of the earth is even visible. It is a sight to behold. 

Standing up here, on top of the world, the wind grabs you. Trying to rip you right off the rock by your ankles. You hold tight and smile victoriously. Stretching your arms until your fingertips feel like they can touch the clouds. 

The buzz of the city is so far away up here. No phone signal. Just you and the horizon with nothing but stunning views in between. 

As you begin to make the long, winding return back down the Tor, you jump from rock to rock. Pretending that, should you land on the grass, the earth will split and swallow you up. 

Lower down, out of the wind, the grass gets longer. Streams and pools cut through the landscape, letting gravity take them towards towns and civilisation. But, you don’t join them yet. You’re too busy watching the foals frolic on the moor. 

Sheep bow their heads to munch grass, taking it in turns to look up and survey the area, while cows moo at them lazily. 

On the way home, you fall asleep in the car, dreaming of being free. 

Then you realise. 

The Moor stole your heart too. 

All Jewellery by Stella & Dot.