Picnic in the Park

Issy and Harriet are two of my oldest and closest friends. Issy is currently doing a really cool internship, and Harriet is about to travel the world (I try to not be too jealous!) But both happened to be in London at the same time and available for brunch. 

Breads Etcetera was our meeting place of choice;

Unlimited bread, butter and jam, with toasters on the table to be able to make your own toast, meant that we had the perfect set up to have a proper catch up.

My girlies are starting to come to London. A few of them have finished University now, and a few are  still there but doing internships in London over summer. 

This makes me one extremely happy girl. There really is nothing like seeing your oldest friends. I realise, as I’m getting older, I appreciate my friendships more and more. Especially the ones I have had for so many years. 

We can literally talk for hours, especially as we’re all at such exciting stages in our lives. Talking over what we each want to do, and swapping contacts to attempt to aid each other in this already ridiculously competitive working world. The beauty of life, is that human’s can rarely be successful without other people helping us along. We lift each other into success and that’s why friendships are so important. 

We talked about all of this over glasses of fresh fruit juice, and our delicious french fruit and nut toast with bacon and maple syrup

Before long, the queues had gathered again outside and we thought we’d let some other hungry girls and guys have our table. 

We weren’t finished with our chats though, or the food for that matter, so dragged The Gentleman away from the Gym and popped up to the Hampstead ponds with a picnic to enjoy in the sunshine.

Bucks Fizz, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, carrot sticks and hummus made for the perfect combination. We watched the ducks, swim around in circles.

A dog across the far side of the pond, kept escaping his owner, resulting in man and dog getting seriously wet. Dog eventually tired out, and allowed himself to be caught, and put back on the lead. Before shaking all over his exhausted owners and smiling up at them with his tongue hanging out of his saliva sodden jaws. He seemed to say ‘Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?!’ I’m not sure his owners agreed, or were as amused!

It was Harriet’s idea to buy chocolate sauce to dip the strawberries into, and I took it upon myself to make sure it wasn’t poisoned and tasted ok for everyone else.

I think my face tells you what I thought. Issy was next up to try and something tells me we both agreed…

When the sun went down, we all made our way back to the tube to go our separate ways. I’ll be seeing these girls again very soon for some partying on roof tops in hot tubs. Can’t wait.

Just a heads up; if you’re planning a trip to Breads Etcetera, ensure you get there early as there are always queues for breakfast and brunch time.