Military Chic at Reed Hall

When I was a little girl, I played hockey for Isca Dragons up on the Exeter University Campus. More often than not, I would walk from school up through the Uni Campus. One day, a friend and I came across Reed Hall. 

It loomed up out of the foliage in all its glory; a huge stone statement. It was beautiful.

The ornate gardens and beautifully carved stairways centre it perfectly, while the trees and shrubs hide it away from prying eyes. Keeping it a secret where possible.

As The Gentleman and I were on our way out of Exeter, after a hard day’s shopping, I had to get him to stop and pull into the uni to grab some photos there. Can you get a better backdrop?

The moss lines the huge staircase as though trying to claim it back. It reminds me of Jurassic Park or something (yes, one of my favourite films!). Most of the time, Reed Hall and the grounds are completely empty, so it’s a great spot to visit – you can even hire it out for weddings!

Back to the fashion, I’m wearing one of my favourite ‘casual’ outfits. These trousers are so comfy and easy to wear. Because they come with braces (Brown ones, although I’ve changed them to green for this look) you only need a T-shirt to set them off. They were a really old buy from Zara, but I’ve linked some similar below!

This T-shirt is the most amazing I’ve ever owned. I actually have no idea where it came from, but it has the best shape and fits me so well. Most T-shirts usually drown me, whereas this has capped sleeves (ultra flattering) and a round bottom so it looks great with anything.

Everyone calls this my Cheryl Jacket, it’s from Jane Norman believe it or not, but it really smartens up any outfit. I think it’s the gold buttons… Plus, red and leopard print is one of my favourite combinations – these boots are a River Island bargain.

Jewellery is obviously Stella and Dot, I find myself buying more than I sell at the moment, I love it so much!

I also HAVE to mention these sunglasses. Aren’t they fab? They were my grandmothers’, and yes, I look like a bug, but they are Christian Dior darling (vintage at that) – how could they not be amazing?