Fiestas Patrias

Angie introduced me to Chotto Matte a while ago. The Gentleman and I fell in love with the delicious food and laid back, friendly atmosphere. 

Chotto Matte invited us back to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day or Fiestas Patrias. 

Unfortunately, Angie couldn’t make it so sent along Sophie in her place. Last time I saw Sophie, I didn’t get to chat to her much about her recently announced engagement so it was brilliant to have her all to myself for a proper quizzing!

The evening was the perfect setting. Brilliant food, great company and some really delicious cocktails! 

I definitely knocked back more than a few of these, they were absolutely delicious and so more-ish!

We were even treated to some traditional Peruvian dancing – the guys looked absolutely incredible in full costume, however the room was boiling so I’m not sure how they didn’t sizzle in their outfits. 

I’ve never been to Peru, but Chotto Matte is making me desperate to go. I’m such a fan of bright colours, and the Peruvian people have it down to an art. The clothes are so decorated and colourful, whilst the fun continues into their foods and different dishes. 

Whether or not their shoes are national dress, I’m not sure. But I think we’ll let them off. Chotto Matte is all about fusion anyway!

I’m not too sure what the scissors were for, they seemed to dance with them, snipping away at the air. If anyone could give me some insight into this, I’d be hugely appreciative!

I’m just waiting for the fashion world to catch up with the food world; Peruvian Fusion Fashion anyone? 

I definitely think one of those hats could be rocked down The Kings Road!