Tapas suppers

In these hot Summer days, I can’t deal with big heavy carb infused suppers. All I can think of is sitting on a balcony with a glass of wine and a dressed table with fairy lights, candles and flowers everywhere, throwing their scent into the warm breeze of the evening. 

We don’t have a balcony in our flat. Instead we dressed our table, lit the candles and I got to work in the kitchen.

This is what I produced; a proper Tapas supper. We dragged the table under the window so it was almost as though we were on a balcony watching the clouds change colour, providing us with a moving picture of beauty to enjoy whilst we devoured our feast.

And here’s what I served;

Patatas Bravas and Guacamole. 

To make the Patatas Bravas;

  • Peel, chop up and boil three potatoes (Depending on the size of your potatoes,  I’d do 1.5 per person.)
  • When the potatoes are almost falling apart and become incredibly fluffy at the edges, take them off the heat and drain them.
  • Pour a glug of oil into a pan and put it on the heat until it’s almost smoking then pour your potatoes into the oil taking loads of care not to let the oil spit on you. 
  • Take the potatoes off when they’re brown at the edges, season with a bit of paprika, salt and pepper and leave in a bowl to the side. 
  • In a separate pan, cook off some Tomato Passata then pour some over the top of your potatoes. 

To make the Guacamole;

  • Chop an avocado in half and to remove the stone, tap it with the blade of a knife. 
  • Mush up the avocado (That’s a really technical Chef’s term, you’re welcome) and chuck in some chilli flakes, squeeze a lime over the top and dust with pepper then serve.

Next, you’re going to need Manchego. This is without doubt, the best cheese ever invented. Slice it up and pile it high with chunks of Quince Jelly to spread over it. We used Cranberry, which is just as good. 

Protein needs to be added in one form or another, we had grilled chicken which was the perfect accompaniment to our feast.

To finish up, we added a dish of chorizo, some salad and a bowl of flatbread. We chatted, held hands, drank wine and watched the sun disappear behind the clouds.