Shipwrecked at Laganini

Breakfast on an island in paradise is a simple affair. Iced coffee, pain au chocolat and watermelon are my favourites. The perfect combination to set you up for a day of adventures, we went off to find ours.

We found it, in the form of a little rickety old boat with an outboard motor. The weather was glorious, the sea calm and my captain was ready to take me anywhere I chose. I pointed to an island, sat myself up on the front of the boat with my legs crossed and my arms outstretched tickling the warm passing breeze with the tips of my fingers and away we went!

Before long I spotted land and shouted to the captain to ‘weigh anchor!’ We had found a little secluded bay with a sign that said Laganini.

We jumped ship to explore our surroundings, but didn’t get very far after we realised that we were really thirsty.

Lucky enough, some caprioskas were quickly pressed into our hands and we settled back into our day beds admiring the view.

The sun beat down a fierce heat onto our bodies so we repeatedly topped up with cream – it was to no avail and we knew we would be suffering the next day from sunburn. Of course, when we got too hot, we just took a dip in the refreshingly cool waters – the fish scattering as soon as you touched the water, then settling back into their quiet floating in the same spot.

We, of course, swapped our small glasses for jugs as soon as we saw the prices.

It didn’t take long for the other shipwrecked souls to get in on the action too though. We were definitely outdone when the sword appeared.

We buried our heads in lunch, truthfully, to keep ourselves from copying and buying some champagne too!

Greek salad – which came with anchovies but we requested without because of The Gentleman’s fish allergy.

Octopus on a bed of salad with cheese – Despite the fish allergy, The Gentleman still had some. We both agreed that this Octopus was special. So much so, that we think it could seriously rival that of Chotto Matte! Yes, seriously.

Our third dish was the cheese plate. I can’t remember exactly what cheeses we had but I know there was a baby goats cheese and the speciality Pag again. They were each served with a dollop of apricot jelly and a piece of roasted garlic which was the perfect accompaniment. 

We spent the afternoon, in pools of blissful happiness chatting to our new friends at each of the other beds and getting to know them. 

When people started to filter away from the gorgeous beach, we realised it must be time to start heading back to the mainland. We managed to pick up a few stranded sailors called Lee and Hayley for the way back as they had managed to miss their ship, but it wasn’t a problem and made our sail home all the more fun!

That evening, we had all made plans to meet up and head over to Carpe Diem Beach to continue our party. However, it wasn’t to be. The sunshine and heat of the day had caught up with us, so we met up with Hayley for some after dinner drinks at BB Club instead. I honestly couldn’t have been happier to find someone as tiny as me, with an equal love for dressing up!

 We consumed far too many Espresso Martinis and a few cocktails, then chatted well into the night before Lee arrived to take Hayley away, and The Gentleman and I retired for a little walk along the shore watching the shooting stars and making wishes to never have to leave the island.