Proto Dubrovnik

A week before we were due to fly to Croatia, Jaime was sitting in our living room with us talking about the holiday his dad had booked the family to go on the week after. 

Of all the places in the world they could have chosen, they were headed to Dubrovnik. i couldn’t wait. As soon as we arrived into Dubrovnik, we arranged to go for dinner together. Steve had booked us all a table at Proto which according to TripAdviser is THE best fish restaurant in the whole town. I couldn’t wait to see them all as Lynne’s job means she works all over the world and I hardly ever get to see her.

 Steve, Lynne, Tom and Jaime arrived at the restaurant a little after us and starters ensued. Lynne picked the best choices;

Beef Carpaccio.

Greek Salad.

An amazing prawn dish in a delicious sauce and I have no idea what it was. 

The boys went for squid which tasted amazing. Very meaty.

I had grilled Sea Bass with aubergine and potatoes which was utterly delicious.

The Gentleman’s steak with tagliatelle and a tomato and mushroom sauce.

Lynne had salmon in a white sauce with mustard.

We initially weren’t going to have pudding, but then our sweet tooth’s got the better of us and they looked so pretty! 

Lynne and Steve very kindly refused to let us pay for our meal and we had a lovely evening all together. 

After dinner, we explored the old streets. The bricks had sucked the heat from the day, absorbing it and keeping us nice and warm underfoot. Cat’s stalked past us to sit under restaurant tables awaiting a feast, every so often they would poke their heads out to glance around and lick their lips. 

Tom, Lynne, Jaime and Steve

Our adventure in Croatia was disappearing quickly before us, but we were still due another day in Dubrovnik yet!