Pirates in Konoba Manego

We had a leisurely journey from the airport to the ferry port in a bus.

When we arrived at the little hut (it really wasn’t much more than a hut) we asked for two tickets to Hvar town.

The lady bluntly told us that it wasn’t leaving until 6pm. It was 12. She did then mention that ‘That Ferry over there is going to Stari Grad, but it’s leaving in *looks at watch* 30 seconds.’ Right then. She seemed to be mocking us as she slowly printed our tickets. We hopped from foot to foot and she smiled one of those ‘I know exactly what I’m doing’ smiles ‘but my day is not going to get any more exciting than this, so I may as well have some fun and go as slowly as I can’

I glanced back at the Ferry, the last cars were boarding and the guys were starting to loosen the ropes. ‘COME ONNN!’

At long last, she handed us our tickets. I snatched them off her with a quick ‘Hvala’ while The Gentleman picked up our suitcase and we ran to the entrance of the boat, managing to make it with ten seconds to spare before they lifted the ramp.

When we arrive on the island, we managed to get onto one of the only buses that took us over to the other side of the island to Hvar town.

The bus deposited us by the harbour and we tried to figure out where we supposed to be going. of course I left The Gentleman in charge of our directions. We walked up a massive hill to try and find our accommodation and ended up in a sweaty, angry, pool of emotions.

Finally, we found where we were supposed to be, showered and changed. It was about time for dinner! Our lovely host had suggested a cute little place in the town called Konoba Manego.

We arrived at a subtly marked door and the charming man there led us to a gorgeous little table up some stairs on a three walled balcony style room.

 The seats were cushioned benches and upturned barrels. Lights were tucked away neatly into large shells and driftwood, old rope and bottles become artwork displayed proudly in frames.

The menus were inexpensive with wonderful tapas style sharing platters; our favourite type of food!

Pasticada – not as good as the one we tried in Trogir, but still pretty good!

A meat and cheese platter. We finally got to try Pag which is a speciality cheese from its namesake island.

A strange pizza type bread which we really needn’t have ordered as we had so much already!

And of course, some veg. just to stay nice and healthy!

To finish off our gorgeous first meal on the island of Hvar, they brought the bill out in keeping with the theme.

Before we went back to our accommodation, we had a little nightcap at BB Club which was to become one of our favourite drinking spots on the island.

See you all tomorrow for some boating fun!