I well and truly consider myself a member of the Grabble family now. 

The Grabble guys are always so welcoming and such a friendly, open bunch. They are the biggest group of least pretentious people I have ever come across in one company, and I truly think that they’ll manage to stay that way as they become ever more successful. 

For those that have only joined this little space recently and haven’t already figured out what Grabble is, I’ll give you the low-down;

Basically it’s a site where you can ‘GRAB’ items from any website to put into your online ‘wish lists’ or ‘collections’ to save for later and come back to at any time. They even email you if your grabbed items go into the sale or drop in price. Brilliant. 

Did I mention they hold the best events?

This time, a big group of us headed down to Andrew Barton’s gorgeous salon in Covent Garden for an evening of pampering and gossip with some of the UK’s top beauty and fashion experts. 

I started the evening with Sarah and some delicious Mahiki Mojito Ice Lollies. I only ended up having one as they were so severely lethal! 

Although, then it was straight to the bar to grab a tasty Gin and Schweppes and some pizza from Basilico.

April and I buddied up to get our colours tested by the lovely Ladies from the John Lewis Personal Shopping Department. I even managed to surprise Fiona, suiting a different colour palette than what she originally thought. 

We bought our raffle tickets, clutching them hopefully, while Andrew and Katie called the numbers one-by-one. 

Andrew announced the next prize; some of his brand new Argan technology straightening irons. I turned to April ‘OMG, my GHD’s are completely dead. Only one of the plates heats up now, so I have to hold them together to try and get an even straightness. My hair takes hours every morning. I could really do with a new set!’

I must have attracted some sort of good luck, as the next numbers Katie announced were my top raffle ticket. She was beaming as she handed me my prize, and I’m pretty sure I returned an equally ecstatic smile! 

After all that, Andrew even posed for silly photos with all of us!

Thank you once again to the amazing Grabble team for another incredible event. I left weighed down with a hefty goodie bag filled with incredible presents, not forgetting my incredible straighteners which I will no doubt tell you all about soon!