Carpe Diem

Knowing that it was our last full day on Hvar island and we’d had such an awesome day previously, we decided to once again hire a boat for the day and explore more of the islands.

 Before getting our boat, we decided to walk around the other side of the harbour as we’d heard there were a few awesome beaches and bars there. It seemed we had found the more expensive side as loungers costed over £40 for the day, a bit of a mark up from our previous days’ £5 loungers! Wanting to have an amazing last day without breaking the bank, we decided to continue on and get our boat. 

It cost the same amount as the previous day (about £40 for the days hire) so off we went to Laganini Beach once more. 

We decided we must have been really lucky the day before. When we arrived at Laganini, it was packed. There were no sun loungers available, so instead we lay on the deck and got one drink between us.

After we were refreshed from our drink, we went to our boat to leave. Only to discover that our anchor was stuck under the sea bed. The frustrating thing was that we could see where it was stuck but nothing we could do would pull it up. Add to that, the fact that neither of us had goggles, there was a sea urchin right where you would have put your hand to steady yourself AND the Gentleman is not a strong swimmer, we were stuck.

I called to a nearby boat who’s captain luckily had goggles. I swam over, got the goggles and attempted to pull up the anchor. I couldn’t do it. Trying three times, I was unsuccessful each time. The Gentleman decided he would try, and managed to pull it up first time. I knew he was useful for something!

Away we went again on our adventure to find our own unclaimed island. We didn’t find one, but what we did find could potentially be so much better…

An island with loungers, makeshift bars made of bamboo and a gorgeous restaurant. Carpe Diem was the perfect stop for lunch and for that matter, the rest of the afternoon!

I was craving salad and a cocktail, so I ordered just that. It was a really good choice!

Strawberry and fresh mint Daiquiri – so refreshingly perfect! 

Of course, The Gentleman’s favourite; Strawberry Caipiroska! 

The best Ceasar Salad I’ve ever eaten – seriously it was incredible (if a little heavy on the sauce, but I couldn’t have cared any less!) 

Avocado and chicken risotto with  balsamic – again, amazing. And that’s coming from the girl that dislikes avocado!

We were so relaxed. The DJ blasted out tunes behind us as we sat in the warm shade of the white umbrellas enjoying our last full day on the island and soaking up each others’ company. At that moment, both of us agreed we could stay here forever, quit our jobs in the city and work at a beach bar. The staff were so happy every day, the commute was the little boat trip across from Hvar. Perfect.

Especially as we decided to order a few more drinks.

Does anyone have a better view than this from their ‘office’?! 

Every so often, we would glance at each other before racing across the hot decking and down to the sea to dive into the cool, clear waters. By the time we had made it back to our loungers, the water had evaporated off our bodies into the warm air around us. 

Those are faces of a very happy couple. 

On our sail back to Hvar, in the sunshine we suddenly realised just how much alcohol had been consumed in our huge drinks and lots of silly boat posing ensued! 

The sunset over our last night was beautiful, but we had seen so much sun that we were both exhausted and fell asleep for a little siesta before dressing and heading out again for supper. 

A lovely meal was eaten at San Marco, although I’d ended up getting heat stroke so spent the entire meal feeling very ill and shivering. Our lovely waiter gave me a blanket for my shoulders and we ordered some amazing choices. 

One dish was sent back which was chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in pancetta. The waiter tried to tell me it was salty because of the pancetta, but this tasted as though it had been dipped in salt it was awful. Thankfully, they took this off the bill for us. I’d love to go back there when I feel good as it was a beautiful restaurant in the most incredible setting. I just couldn’t enjoy it!

When we awoke, the sun was once again shining and it was a stunning day. We packed up and headed down to the harbour for brunch before we were due to set off on the long journey home. 

As we’d had such a lovely day at Carpe Diem Beach the day before, we thought Carpe Diem Bar would be a brilliant spot for our brunch. We couldn’t have been more right.

Nestled in the pillars (once again in the shade as we were still recovering from burn/heat stroke) I ordered my food whilst The Gentleman perused the booklet on the history of Hvar that they had left on our table. Throwing facts into the air, I nodded as I munched on my delicious food. 

We both ordered the ciabatta with ham and cheese and a tartar sauce which was exactly what we needed. 

 My sweet tooth may have also been craving a pain au chocolat which came out warm with a molten centre and was delicious!

 Fresh Orange & Apple juice and an iced skinny latte.

And then our ferry pulled into the harbour and we knew it was time for us to say our goodbyes to Hvar and to Croatia for that matter. 

I have no doubt that we’ll be back and I can highly recommend the country to anyone and everyone. The people are amazing, the food is delicious and the culture is unspoilt.

And so concludes our amazing week in Croatia. Take me back already?