Bogan Bingo

The other day, I got a text from Sophie; ‘Do you fancy coming to Bogan bingo tonight, I have a £5 ticket going spare as my friend’s bailed.’ Not knowing what the hell ‘Bogan Bingo’ was, I accepted anyway!

Sophie met me at Fulham Broadway Tube and we walked towards The Slug. No amount of warning could have prepared me for what met us there. The Pub was already packed, long tables filled the space with benches lining each side and raucous groups drinking merrily and clanking their glasses across the table to ‘Cheers’ each other. 

We ordered a glass of wine each and hurried off to find our table, perched high above the rest, so we could make the most of the evenings proceedings.

Then we caught sight of the food menu and couldn’t resist ordering a few cheeky nibbles. 

What followed next was one of the craziest, most fun, bizarre nights I’ve experienced in a very long time. Sophie and I had a blast.

Neither of us managed to wangle the right numbers, but Sophie did enter the air guitar competition…

After an incredible round of hair flicking and dancing on her knees, whilst the other two played, but without as much enthusiasm, the winner was announced; It was tense, but not even close! Sophie won by a landslide, proudly accepting her enormous jug of beer and framed certificate.

We soon realised that neither of us actually drink beer, so Sophie ran around the pub topping up everyone’s glasses. 

Another cocktail was drunk, before things started to get really silly and we both decided to call it a night and head home.

I would highly recommend a trip to The Slug for their Bingo night on a Thursday. We may even head back soon as a larger group. No echoingly silent bingo halls here!