60’s Sunsets

The Old Town of Zadar is undoubtedly beautiful. It has an air of old school glamour to it, which is just enhanced by the millionaires sweeping off their yachts and into the restaurants for glutinous, wine fuelled dinners. 

This called for a little Zara number with some beautiful cats eyes sunnies from River Island. I felt fabulous and the backdrop for our little photo shoot couldn’t have been more perfect!

Doesn’t my man just look too handsome for words in this outfit?! He’s wearing All Saints shorts and Ted Baker Slippers.  

We found a quiet spot, right at the end of the pier, where the seagulls squawked and the swallows danced across the surface of the sea. The sun took a good 45 minutes to set and cast a beautiful orange glow over everything. With our feet dangling over the edge of the clear blue waters and the smooth waves lapping at the sides of the yachts, I didn’t want to be anywhere else. 

As the crowds started to gather, our stomachs kindly reminded us that it was time for some food.

The streets curve and twist away from each other, swallowing you up and making it incredibly easy to get lost, we were spat out of them in front of a quiet little restaurant, tucked away from everything else. It was perfect. A whole terrace just for us and our little romantic dinner. Konoba Martinac.

We ordered quickly and asked for a basket of bread to keep our stomachs at bay whilst we waited for our feast. The waiter shuffled over to our table with a tiny basket, he flushed as he placed it on our table. There was a simple piece of white kitchen paper covering its contents. The Gentleman lifted it up as the waiter shuffled away hurriedly, we both bust into fits of silent giggles as the contents were revealed. Simple slices of baguette. No oil, no butter, just bread. It wasn’t the fact that it was so simple (although that added to the amusement) it was the fact that the waiter had been so coi and embarrassed about giving it to us.

Anyway, the food arrived not too long after which we were incredibly grateful for. Our choices were perfect. Steak in a truffle sauce for me and Chicken with Gnocchi and a delicious sauce for him. My truffle sauce was unbelievable; rich and smooth with the perfectly cooked thick steak. The Gentleman’s had not a patch on mine. 

It turns out, we actually weren’t the only ones enjoying a feast on the Terrace. We had turned into the meal ourselves as our skin started to go itchy and white lumps started to appear. Mosquito’s had gate-crashed our romantic evening. We grabbed each others hands and legged it after settling the (really quite reasonable) bill. When we were sure the Mosquito’s hadn’t followed us, we slowed down and stopped for ice cream, before walking to the waters edge once more, to see the Sun Salutation and listen to the sea organ before bed.