A very long time ago, I met a guy in a bar that neither of us usually frequented. He got some champagne in, and we bonded over our mutual love for fashion and being somewhere that didn’t suit either of us.

We continued our friendship, when I moved to London. He introduced me to Chelsea, and in exchange I attempted to feed him after our crazy nights out. We would both sit on the kitchen floor with our legs crossed, squinting our eyes at the back of packets trying to translate the squiggly lines whilst shoving their contents into the oven. We only sometimes burnt the food…

A few years on and I had the opportunity to introduce this friend to The Gentleman, whilst we were on our ski season. They hit it off right away and not long after, whilst we were all having dinner in Devon, Tom (the friend) announced that he was off to whisk a girl off her feet.

He had shown me a picture of the girl he was meeting and in all honesty I wished him luck (whilst secretly hoping she didn’t break his heart). They set up a business together and when The Gentleman and I finally got to meet her, we saw why Tom had fallen in love with her.

A little while after, a letter popped through our letter box. They were getting married.

This was to be the very first of our ‘Couple Friends’ weddings, so neither of us knew what to expect.

I’ll let the photos do the talking, as I really can’t describe how beautiful it was or how gorgeous they both looked.

Thank you so much for having us Tom and Aisha, we hope you have a very happy life together and an incredibly bright future. Love you both lots xxx