Jamming with Grabble

Bloggers Fashion Week has brought me loads of amazing opportunities, as well as some incredible friendships. One of the lovely ladies I met, was Katie. We bonded over our love for Clueless and her incredible inspired outfit.

Fast forward a few months and an email drops into my inbox. An invite to an event that promises to ‘be completely epic, with food, cocktails, fashion and live music’ Was that a question?

I met up with the beaut April and we headed to The Hoxton. Although I thought I was going to be incredibly late, we were actually amongst the first there (I know, I was shocked/really smug with myself).

Katie lived up to her promise. #JammingWithGrabble kicked off with amazing drinks.

Beer Pong, if you’ve read for a while, you’ll know I’m a fan already!

Unfortunately, my amazing skills weren’t put to the test, so the magician illusionists amused us instead!

Pandemonia also showed up to grace us with it’s (?!) presence.

And then, Poppy announced the main event. Made in Chelsea’s Andy Jordan serenaded us all with his voice and guitar. I was pleasantly surprised!

We all left laden with goody bags and big smiles.

Thank you so much to Grabble for having me. If you guys have no idea what Grabble is, go and have a look. You may just be hooked!