Gumball 3000

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you promise not to tell The Gentleman? Promise?? Ok.

I like cars. I like motors. Motorbikes, cars, speed boats, mopeds… I do find them quite interesting. When The Gentleman watches Fast N Loud, I enjoy watching it too. Of course, I don’t always tell him that as The Kardashians might be on, or America’s Next Top Model – and we all know they take priority of the TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t drive. I’ve never learnt. So I really don’t know the first thing about cars or their engines. But, if we’re talking about going to see loads of the worlds craziest cars on Regents Street, I’m really not one to say no. Shopping and Fast Cars combined?! Genius.

It’s Optimus Prime!

There was plenty of entertainment on the street. We stood for a good 30 minutes watching these guys;

All those crazy stunts gave us quite the appetite. Until we came across Whyte & Brown, who delivered THE best Pulled Chicken Bap for a tenner in the whole of London. Especially when that tenner included a cider! I don’t drink cider, so ordered a White Wine Spritzer Cocktail instead and The Gentleman had two!

Feeling refuelled, we headed back to Regents Street, just in case we spotted Richard Rawlings.

We didn’t, but the cars sufficed.

None of them were really to my taste, but we had fun regardless!