Croatia – Trogir

Trogir is the perfect place to start our lovely Roadtrip in Croatia.

The flight from Luton to Croatia couldn’t have been better. We booked our flights with Wizz Air when they had their half price sale, so paid just £300 for both of us. The airline were incredible throughout the whole trip. We paid just a couple of pounds to have priority boarding, which gave us first choice of seats and we ended up with the entire first row to ourselves. Extra Leg room for the Gentleman and no claustrophobia for me. Perfect.

We picked up our brand new car from Europcar and set off from the tiny airport. Trogir was just fifteen minutes down the road and we found it in record timing, with the help of our trusted printed maps!

Following the water all the way round, we stopped just outside the town, at our accommodation with Anita Apartments. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get one of the rooms with the balconies at the front as I had seen in the pictures, but The Gentleman reassured me that we wouldn’t spend much time in the room and we were only here for one night anyway.

With that, we headed out into the cool evening sun towards the old town.

I decided to team my new H&M jumpsuit with my comfiest pair of wedges and my Panama Hat for an elegant but casual look. I was glad for the length of the suit as a breeze picked up as it got later.

Exploring the Old Town before supper, we managed to work up a bit of an appetite so headed to the harbour for some food by the water.

A dozen or so Yacht Week boats joined the locals and tourists, with a slightly more rowdy attitude, so we decided to head away from them to a lovely little restaurant (Konoba Kaleta) proudly flying the Croatian flag outside. We were swayed by their promise to serve us authentic, Croatian recipes and their claim to the best Pasticada with Gnocchi on the strip.

The Gentleman went with their recommendation and I went with a Seafood Risotto. The plates were enormous when they arrived, and I knew for a fact I wouldn’t be able to eat all of mine. Even though The Gentleman is allergic to fish, he can never resist trying mine if I have it. We both concluded it was amazing…

…But it had nothing on his Pasticada.

The beef had been marinading in a vegetable/fruit mix for a few days before being cooked as slowly as possible. This meant that the meat literally fell apart with your fork before melting in the mouth. It may not be the most beautiful of dishes, but I promise you it is one not to be missed!

We padded home through the old town, with the last of the nesting swallows ducking and diving for the moths in the streetlights. In the centre of the town, we happened upon a square full of tables. Half were facing a stage on which local girls were competing in a talent contest with incredible singing voices. Directly opposite, was a huge projector, projecting the football onto a wall. It was your choice on which side to face. I managed to find a table right next to the stage, where I could watch the talent and The Gentleman could keep an eye on the score.

We ordered a few cocktails, I settled down into his shoulder, and we remained there for a good hour or so, just being.

Trogir, I think you just stole a little piece of my heart.