CC Cream VS Foundation

Foundation is a staple that I can’t live without. I’m really not one of these naturally pretty people with perfect flawless skin or a model-esque figure and I’m ok with that. But, when summer hits, there’s nothing I hate more than foundation dripping off my face, running away with my mascara. No thanks.

That’s where CC cream steps in. It’s a lighter foundation with moisturising properties to keep the harsh sun from drying out your precious little cheeks.

 I received this Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream as part of a goody bag from Bloggers Fashion Week and started to use it when my Chanel foundation to ran out. Luckily, the colour was a perfect match for my skin!

My skin can dry out quite quickly, as a habit I always moisturise in the mornings anyway, so the CC Cream sinks nicely into my skin, leaving it looking dewy and fresh. However, I think the cream is so moisturising, that you don’t really need to before use.

I’ve been using the CC cream for over a couple of weeks now. At one point, after two days of use, I started to get bumpy, extremely itchy skin that spread across my jaw line and down my neck. I thought it may have been that the cream had set off an allergic reaction. After, my skin cleared up though, I tried the CC Cream again and it seemed to be fine. I guess I’ll never know what caused the strange reaction!

Arbonne claim that the CC Cream has 10 benefits in one, so I thought I would give my point of view on each of the 10 benefits;

1. Primer – 97.2% of women agreed the product provided skin with an even and smooth texture.*

  • I totally agree. My skin was left feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

2. Protector – 92% of women agreed the product protected skin’s moisture barrier, giving a healthier, dewy-looking complexion.*

  • My complexion is definitely enhanced and very dewy/fresh/young looking.

3. Concealer – 86% of women agreed the product concealed skin discolouration and imperfections.*

  • As the CC cream acts as a foundation, it gives me a much more even complexion, without looking too heavy.

4. Hydrator – 92% of women agreed the product moisturised the skin.*

  • I think I would really put this with no 2 as a joint point, as the product definitely moisturises skin and leaves it looking more nourished.

5. Mattifier – 92% of women agreed the product helped minimize shine.*

  • When first applying the product, like many foundations, the skin is left looking beautifully matte. However, after 30 minutes, this changed to the dewy/shiny look, so I don’t really agree with this statement. 

6. Brightener – 92% of women agreed the product made skin look brighter.*

  • My skin did look brighter and more refreshed.

7. Blemish Cover – 83% of women agreed the product covered skin imperfections*

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same job a concealer does? Changing the colour of a blemish is always handy, but when’s someone going to invent a product that removes the bump?!

8. Pore Refiner –  95% of women agreed the product helped minimize the appearance of pores.* 

  • I’ve never really had an issue with large pores or really visible pores, so I can’t really comment too much on this, but my skin does look pretty good!

9. Comforter – 92% of women agreed the product soothed skin through moisturisation.*

  • Pardon? A whatty? I don’t really know what this is supposed to mean. Just another point on moisturisation.

10. Complexion Controller – 92% of women agreed the product helped perfect the look of skin complexion.* 

  • My skin definitely looks lovely – you can see the un-edited photos of it in this post, I should hope that this would be a given in a product of this nature though. 

*results based on a survey of 35 women.

So, to summarize, I really don’t think the product should be marketing itself with 10in1 benefits. 5in1 would be plenty, more realistic and believable. The CC Cream is definitely a wonderful product for me and I can vouch for it being incredible for my skin. 

I also would have liked to have seen a few more case studies for women. 100 women in the survey would have been a bit more reliable and the results would have been more accurate. 35 women to sample a product is a bit of a strange number, and it doesn’t even tell me how these women were chosen. 

Although I don’t 100% agree with the marketing behind this cream, I really do LOVE the product. I’m so glad I tried it again, after I thought it gave me the allergic reaction, as it really does give me beautifully dewy skin with a younger look.

Have you tried Arbonne Intelligence, or any other CC Creams? I’d love to know!

You can buy Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream HERE – The one I’m wearing is ‘Fair’