Winkel & Chocomel

I can 100% guarantee if you have not had Chocomel at Winkel with a slice of their world famous Apple Pie, you are big time missing out.

When I first came to Amsterdam, Jaime was still in school as well as training at Ajax after, and during the weekends. During this time, his Mum and Dad would take me off to explore all the wonders that Amsterdam had to offer. One of these places was the world renowned Winkel; sellers of the best apple pie in Holland and (debatably) the World!

Be prepared, you will most certainly have to queue for your spot at a table. But, I’m sure you can amuse yourselves while you’re waiting…

Before you know it, they’ll be calling your name and wiping your table ready for you and your apple pie.

That’s a face of anticipation.

And then, they bring it out. A simple piece of warm apple pie smothered in fresh cream.

 Or without, whichever you prefer!

A bottle of Chocomel is the perfect accompaniment to wash it down with. I really don’t know why we don’t have it in the UK. Someone please import it?!

After all of that, you’re going to slip into a really nice wonderland of Apple Pie coma where you’ll just want to sit there in a lull all day long.

Fight it.

You have more exploring to do!

The sun came out for a few hours, which gave me a chance to wear my Grandma’s vintage Dior sunglasses which I re-found not long ago!

The Geese had fun chasing us We had fun chasing the Geese, before we decided to reward ourselves in the setting sun with a lovely glass of wine and some nibbles.

 Bitterballen are an amazing snack that you can get pretty much anywhere in Amsterdam, usually containing beef or veal and served with a mustard flavoured mayonnaise dip. Genius.

We walked back with full tummies to watch films and play poker into the early hours of the morning. I stayed up until midnight, just so I could be the first one to say Happy Birthday to The Gentleman. I only JUST managed it, before my head hit the sofas’ cushion, and I was out like a light.