These are a few of my favourite things

All I ever truly want from life, is to be surrounded by people that love me and care for me. Of course, at the top of that contract it explains that those people must always include cake and flowers in that love.

One of my favourite cake shops in the whole world is in Amsterdam and pretty much every time I visit, a trip must be made there.

De Taart van m’n Tante is an eclectic Pick n’ Mix of colour, textures, prints and fantasy thrown into one little cake shop. The tables are big, to ensure that a family, sharing, attitude is continued and the clientèle is just as varied.

Again, I was lucky enough to be sandwiched between these gorgeous men. It was our last day in Dam, and were jolly well going to make the most of it!

The cakes that adorn the tables aren’t changed very often and I can imagine it’s difficult to keep them clean, so over time they get a little dusty. But at least the one’s in the glass are freshly baked every day and taste amazing!

I went for the Monkey Business, while the boys both chose the Pecan Pie – getting slightly more worried that they’re becoming the same person…

Our choices were delicious and I can recommend the Chocolate Slut Pie and the Chocolate Truffle Cake too, from past visits…  

We were feeling really guilty at this point, so it was definitely time for a long walk. We had feasted on cake, now it was time to introduce a feast for the eyes. The Amsterdam Flower Market is a photographers dream. I only had my iPhone, but no bad photo can be taken here.

Before long, our time at the market, and in Amsterdam, was up.

Jaime and Emily drove us to the airport, where we were less than happy to be heading home. At least the flight home was stunning.