Cocktails and Sunsets

On a gorgeous sunny day in the City, there is no better place to be, than on a roof top watching the sunset. Make that rooftop 40 floors up and chuck in a few of your best friends and some cocktails and you’ve hit the winning formula!

Not long ago, The Gentleman and I went to Duck & Waffle for drinks at night. I hadn’t seen it during the day though, or sampled the food. One spontaneous Sunday evening, after a day in the glorious London sunshine Dave, Elz, The Gentleman and I decided to do something different.

We chose such a gorgeous day to head up in the great glass elevator. We grabbed a cocktail from the bar at Sushisamba and perched around the camp fire. I wish camping was this glamorous!

Before long, the coolness of the evening set in and we retreated inside to admire the incredible views.

We saw huge bird shaped, aeroplane sized, balloon type things, float into the sky whilst we sipped our cocktails. I’m still not quite sure what they were, any suggestions?

Our stomachs were slightly complaining, before we realised it was time to head up another floor for supper.

We sat in, what has now become, our favourite seats in the bar area, overlooking the city. Ordered another round of cocktails (it was a sunny Sunday after all) and a few pork scratchings to keep our stomachs at bay.

A greasy paper bag sealed with an official Duck & Waffle seal appeared before us. We giggled like children at Christmas whilst we opened our little package and devoured the delicious contents. It was a competition to see who could hold out licking their fingers the longest! Duck & Waffle scratchings are slightly grown-up; they call them BBQ Spicy Pigs Ears – can’t say I’ve had pigs ears before, but dayum they were good!

Before we had a chance to declare the winner, the hostess came over to tell us our table was ready.

P.S. Little tip here, everyone always tells me it’s impossible to book at Duck & Waffle, yet we walked straight in that Sunday and only waited 30 minutes for a table. So sometimes, just be spontaneous and you may be lucky!

The restaurant at Duck & Waffle is lovely and bright, with a low ceiling so it doesn’t feel too imposing all those floors up. The kitchen is open and centered in the restaurant, but doesn’t take centre stage. The star of the show here is the food;

The boys chose the name-sake dish. Unfortunately, I’m really not a fan of waffles so chose a sharing dish with Elz instead.

We went for a whole Roasted Sea Bass. It came with purple carrots, curly kale and cashews. The meat was light and succulent and the veg was buttery and decadent. Delicious!

Not quite satisfied, we had to order a couple of puddings to share;

 Vanilla Baked Alaska – I think an acquired taste and not really my cup of tea. Although I am partial to a dark chocolate brownie sundae with peanut crunch.

Oh, well hello delicious looking little pudding. You won’t last long!

I could have had two more of these, but instead I was content watching the sun set with a few of my best friends.

What a sunset it was!