A Birthday fit for a Gentleman

A Birthday for a Gentleman is a very special affair. It requires the attention to be focused on them all day, and spoiling them is compulsory. When that Gentleman is turning the grand old age of 25 (I had a great time reminding him that that’s a quarter of a Century) you have to take the spoiling to a new level!

I started, with a cake. A three tiered chocolate sponge cake with berries to be precise. 

Being a Gentleman, he asked if I’d like to cut the cake with him… it seems I was too slow. Should I be worried about this bromance yet?!

Champagne, provided by Jaime’s lovely dad; Steve, slipped back a treat! 

While Emily, mooched off to work, my two favourite boys and I headed off to my favourite restaurant that I knew the Gentleman would love.

The Joffers is a beautifully chic restaurant situated just a short walk from Museumplein and Vondelpark. They serve traditional Dutch food, but also cater for most diets, priding themselves on their sustainable and locally sourced menu.

The décor, owes many of its features to a more Parisian/French design with tall mirrors, striped plush seating and large ornate tables, which probably explains my love for the restaurant and it’s luxurious feel.

You’ll often catch celebrities catching up over a glass of bubbles at the tables outside or yummy mummies stopping for a coffee and a read of the morning newspaper. While we were there this time, Jaime informed us that a famous Dutch Sportsman was there, but I didn’t recognise him (what a surprise). The paparazzi, circle the restaurant in cars like vultures around meat but they never get close enough to bother you. The pace of life in Amsterdam is a lot calmer.

To keep the Birthday theme going, I ordered a glass of bubbles and it was beer for the boys.

Our orders were simple, we were here for one thing; The Croquettes…

You smother your bread with the yummy mustardy mayonnaise, cut the croquette in half and squash it down onto the bread to make a gorgeous meaty mouthful.

If you’re licking the screen right now, I understand.

More Bitterballen.

And a few burgers for good measure. Note – the bread they use for the bun on the burgers is a masterpiece in itself. They’re a pretty standard burger, nothing particularly interesting about them. But they are cooked to perfection and incredibly tasty!

We walked back to the apartment, with full tummies, and immediately changed into swim suits to burn off some of lunch before supper. Truly a day of luxury, we headed down to the pool for a swim and sauna before curling up on the sofas. The afternoon was spent with the boys trying to out-do each other on Fifa.

Then, it was supper time. Jaime had booked us a table at a place he knew we would both love. I was promised endless photo opportunities and The Gentleman was promised meat by the ton.

When Jaime told us we were heading to Cannibale Royale, I wasn’t sure what to expect on my plate. After all, we have to remember we are still in Amsterdam!

He  definitely delivered his promise, but I have to apologise now for not making more of an opportunity to photograph the place, as everything is truly spectacular.

We walked in to a dimly lit restaurant, floorboards mirrored the wooden panels on the walls and the bar area, before we were lead to our table and the restaurant seemed to open up into a spacious room.

Hundreds of eyes followed us as we sat down, and it took a few moments before any of us said anything. My first thoughts were that the little girl in the portrait above our table looked remarkably like a younger version of Victoria from Made in Chelsea. Anyone else?

Everywhere you turned, there were things trying to put you on edge; taxidermy animals, knives in glass cages, tribal masks and dolls hanging on the ceiling.

It was almost enough to put us off our food.

I say almost.

We shared starters of chicken wings, meat balls, the meat platter and garlic bread. All of which went down a treat. Until I started to feel very unwell. Annoyingly, it didn’t go away when my mammoth main course of sticky ribs arrived. The boys finished them off though, along with their huge portions of steak (I think we ended up consuming an entire cow between us).

I didn’t even manage to take pictures of the mains, before they had disappeared in a flury of forks. I did however, manage one little smile for a picture with my Gentleman on his Birthday.