Coco Cycle Dress in collaboration with Jara Wine

I’ve been really excited to bring you this collaboration with Jara Wine. She very kindly gave me the opportunity to style her gorgeous Cycle Print Dress. The print on this is incredible; bicycles, flowers, teapots and jewels make it one of the girliest around. Couple that with the beautiful sheer silk, in the lightest of fabrics, and you have yourself a match made in heaven (or London).

I saw this Panama hat in my wardrobe when I was back in Devon and it completely inspired this outfit. When we were kids and used to spend all summer in the south of Spain, we used to go to the Polo a lot. One year, my mother bought my sister and I Panama hats each and I am reigniting my love for mine.

This outfit would be absolutely perfect for the Polo, or even the races provided there was weather with skies as blue as the sky in my photos!

Photography by Sophie Matthews

Jara Wine has created a small collection of statement pieces, in an attempt to end the trend for disposable fashion. Each dress has a price tag to match its beauty, but the craftsmanship in each piece is exquisite.

If you’d like to see the gorgeous collection for yourself, head on over to Jara Wine.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about the designer and what the label is about, come down to Camden this evening. Jara Wine and vintage label Garite are holding an event to raise awareness for Fashion Revolution Day.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the collapsing of the Rana Plaza Factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 1113 people were killed and 2500 injured, so this event celebrates the brands that produce their garments ethically in safe places with decent wages for the workers.

I’m delighted to invite you all to the event tonight, should you be free, and to encourage more sustainable fashion.

For more information, head on over to the Fashion Revolution website.