Casa Brindisa

To say that I love Spain is an understatement. I’m obsessed with Spain, the Country, the Food, the Culture, the People, the Weather – everything.

Give me the option of sitting outside on a hot day; eating Tapas and drinking Sangria, I’ll be there within minutes. 

We had walked for miles on one of the hottest days of the year so far, and found ourselves in a square, in South Kensington, in front of Casa Brindisa. 

You have to share with Tapas. Something The Gentleman isn’t great with, we’re getting there, so you order for you all. 

The classics, and my favourites, are;

Manchego Semi Cured. Seriously the best (but most expensive) cheese ever!

Tortilla De Chorizo. A perfect Spanish Institution in its own right. Unfortunately, the one at Casa Brindisa didn’t really grab my taste buds. I’m not too sure what it was about it, I just really wasn’t keen. Quite disappointing to be honest.

Patatas Brava O Aioli. Patatas Bravas. Definitely one of my all time favourite Spanish dishes. Glorified mini roast potatoes, but dayuuuum they do it well (If you didn’t read that in the Fresh Princes’ accent, go back and read it again. done? Ok good.) 

Croquetas De Jamon Y Pollo. Mmmmm.

Finally, Country toasted bread with tomato and oil. Gluttonous and oh so good. 

My smile says it all really.

My smile got bigger when the first Pimms of the year appeared!

I forgot how beautiful it is, in it’s liquid Amber state. Pimms, I’ve missed you baby.

After lunch, we shimmied around the corner for a snog. 

Cheeky! I mean THIS kind of Snog;

He certainly enjoyed it!

After our culture filled lunch, we decided to continue to educate our minds. Lucky for us, The Natural History Museum was right around the corner. 

I’m not sure if the inhabitants were happy to see us or not. They gave us a pretty stiff welcome…

Although these antlers look like a normal set from a stag, they span the length of a car. Absolutely humongous. 

My favourite part of the Museum though is the building itself. It’s incredible. 

Before long the sun started to set and the heat of the day was whisked away, stolen by passing buses.

The cool breeze of the evening set in, to remind us that we were very much still in England.