Play Holi and drink Cocktails

The first blog I ever came across was The Londoner. I stumbled upon her blog as a recommendation from a friend of a friend of hers, and have been hooked ever since. She has a very beautiful way of describing things, and has been very blessed to have all sorts of fantastic opportunities in her life that she constantly updates us on. Her blog is also a fabulous platform to discover current exciting goings on, in London town.

In one of her most recent posts, she found herself covered in coloured dye in the middle of The City. I immediately clicked onto the website and upon discovering tickets were just £15 found myself dialling the number to reserve four of them.

So then, on Tuesday night (yeah I know, who in their right mind does stuff on a Tuesday?!) The Gentleman and I left Mayfair to head to The City in search of Cinnamon Kitchen. We eventually found it, nestled in a tucked away courtyard, under shelter. Diners were sitting in candlelight drinking champagne and tucking into light starters, while we headed to the very back where a white level stage was set and ready for us.

Dave and Elz joined us, while we got suited, booted and were handed our weapons.

It all started so innocently, we looked so clean in our little boiler suits and everyone was slightly hesitant with the colours…

Before it became war;

The Holi Festival is something I’ve always wanted to experience. I loosely based my A Level Fine Art Exam around the festival and just love the colourful and religious significance to it. The story behind why Holi is celebrated is lovely, you can read about it HERE. One day I’d love to go to India and celebrate the whole event in all its beauty!

It’s safe to say, we got coloured flour in places that I didn’t even know existed… I guess I do now. The only downside to it was when you got it in your mouth.

I have to say we worked up a bit of an appetite, and I was definitely in need of a drink (or two-shh don’t tell my boss) afterwards! We headed to Anise which is the cocktail bar at Cinnamon Kitchen for our complimentary cocktails and canapés.

We started with a cocktail that they had made for us. I have no idea what it was called, but contained lychee, cucumber and raspberry. It was delicious and so refreshingly crisp – probably down to the cucumber in it!

Lamb skewers, halloumi skewers, chickpea cake with a sweet jam, mini enchiladas, grilled spiced salmon chunks and curried chicken pieces.

They completely spoilt us, everything was cooked to perfection and they gave us a few extra platters when they found out that The Gentleman is allergic to fish.

The cocktail menu then (somehow) found itself in my hands…

I started with my favourite – the Porn Star Martini which was deliciously lethal! It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but was pretty decent. I think I’m used to a thicker consistency of the cocktail.

Squinty eyes courtesy of the flash on my camera!

Elz had her favourite, the Expresso Martini

The guys behind the bar impressed me even more when we realised neither of these cocktails were on the menu. They didn’t seem offended, but we did give them free rein choosing our next round for us!

Caribbean Twist for me – again extremely alcoholic!

Francis, one of the bar men, whipped up a teapot of concoctions for us to share – this was incredible, pineapple based fruity cocktail served from a teapot. What’s not to like?!

Now, the bar tenders had never even tried this cider, we had definitely never heard of it. But seeing as they had run out of Rekorderlig, they gave this one to the boys to try on the house. They loved it. I didn’t try it, as cider has never really sat terribly well with me. But I think Dave and The Gentleman were happy chappies!

The interior of Anise is really well thought out. Seating is arranged around the outside walls, with the industrial chick bar in the middle. The window seats have furry animal skins to sit on and tables in the middle, so you can sit cross-legged facing each other.

The huge ornate light shades are off set by the industrial air conditioning units above them, just as a cheeky little reminder that you’re still actually in London!

We had such a fantastic time and wonderful experience. I really would recommend to anyone and everyone, when we left a family had donned their suits and the kids who were aged three to seven were loving it!

The tube home with my face like this was a bit of a sight to behold, I’ve never seen so many smiley faces on public transport before!