Kenwood House

I really want the sun to shine again this weekend. When the sky is blue, the grass is bright green and there’s flowers on the trees, there’s not a better place to be than England.

London is beautiful when the sun comes out and so versatile. You can head to The City and immerse yourself in the concrete jungle of buildings, or head North and hit beautiful park land and incredible views with stunning great buildings plonked in the middle.

The Gentleman and I headed out into the sunshine and took the bus to Hampstead Heath, to go and explore. We came across a beautiful house – although it seemed as though we weren’t the only ones. Turns out half of London descended upon Kenwood House too!

Kenwood House is like my perfect ‘buying a house because I’ve won the lottery’ House. It’s stunning and the views are just exceptional!

I can imagine on a clearer day, it would be even more amazing than this;

People were full of smiles, eating ice creams and walking their dogs and The Gentleman and I walked hand in hand talking of days when we’ll have our own little pups to walk.

When we got to the woods, we decided we’d call it a day and head home to tea, malt loaf and a good film. My heels didn’t really agree with the mud that seemed to appear, when we got into the shade anyway!

No one’s wiping the smile off this face any time soon!