Happy Pancake Day!


Sorry I’ve been AWOL recently lovelies – I’ve had an absolute disaster with my hard-drive dying on me. This means that I may have lost a lot of photos dating way back to 2007. I’ll stop there though, because it’s pretty devastating and I really don’t want to cry again. The good news is; the Tech guys at work are doing the best they can to save it, and I have a new hard-drive (even if it did cost 60 quid *cries again*)

Moving on, this post is about Pancake Day so I’ll tell you how I’m celebrating this year!

My Hamper from Abra-ca-Debora finally came, so now I can guarantee that my lovely winner of the Hamper Giveaway will love it! Which reminds me, congratulations to Julie Laing!

 Abra-ca-Debora pancakes are very Dutch in flavour and the best comparison I could make is that they taste like the sort of Waffle that you can get outside Bond Street Station. Amazing if you like Waffles, but I really don’t. It’s ok though, The Gentleman got through a pack of six all by himself. The other pack I took into work, and won lots of brownie points by feeding the office!

Luckily, there is a solution in their Diddy Dutch Pancakes – which are yummy might I add!

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’m off to dip my Diddy Dutch Pancakes into chocolate mousse. Mmmm.

How did you celebrate Pancake Day?