Family Drama in Reading

As I’ve said a few times before, my family are mad. One minute we all love each other and it’s happy families, the next we’re at each others throats. Which made me slightly hesitant when my sister asked if we’d all like to come for a night out at her Uni in Reading.

There’s a reason I didn’t go to university. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the lack of money/halls/endless drinking. Unfortunately I’m just not wired that way – of course I love a night out and know how to have fun, I’m just more keen on cocktails than pints…!

So, anyway I agreed to sleep on the floor in her halls in exchange for some awesome sibling catch up time and our first night out all together!

It was dramatic to say the least.

It all started well;

L-R: Lilidh, Me, Ruairidh and Sophie

We made nachos in the teeny kitchen microwave and sat on the floor in the corridor, with our legs crossed catching up on the last few years (yes it has been that long since we were last all together). We had a few drinks, I brought a few cans of Cosmopolitan Cocktail from Marks & Spencer on the way (clever girl) and my siblings consumed beer, wine and spirits.

Lilidh’s friends joined us, and we all got changed before everyone started to get silly. There were about 200 photos on my camera and the majority were stupid faces and ridiculous behaviour – I selected a few of the better images!

Lilidh, Kenndal, Lizzie and Abby

And OBVIOUSLY some silly ones…

Before we all headed out to the Union, to experience a true Uni night out.

The camera was left at home (on good advice) and we spent the night mainly on the dancefloor, and sticking together in a little bunch.

Is it me, or does my head look abnormally large in this photo?

The night ended in a slightly different way to that which it started in; All I’ll say is, somehow, punches were thrown within the family and I got all the blame. Not sure how that one happened, as I genuinely was merely a spectator in the proceedings, but it happened!

Sophie, Ruairidh and I passed out in Lilidh’s room with the door and window open for fresh air, and she stayed in a friends room. We woke up the next day with furry throats, blurry eyes and dry mouths craving burgers and water.

Cue my parents and The Gentleman turning up to whisk us away to a yummy brunch, at the families favourite restaurant; Bills.

Smoothies were nursed in shaky hands, and stomachs were clenched under the table to stop the horrendous roaring sounds coming from within.

Smiles eventually started to creep back onto previously miserable faces, and grew even broader once the smells of food started wafting through the restaurant. The food, as always, was incredible and exactly what we needed.

Bill’s Duck Pie for The Gentleman

Bill’s Fish Pie for Ruairidh
Butternut Squash Risotto with ‘Wrekin Blue’ Cheese for Sophie

Roast Line-Caught Cod for my Mother

And a hearty selection of burgers for the rest of us!

We then followed up our mammoth meal with a small selection of puddings.

Check out my Eton mess. Dang that pudding had passion! (pun intended)

We were definitely all feeling slightly more human after that – thanks once again Bill’s!

It’s always so lovely to see your family again if you all live far away. I know it’s hard to appreciate now, but for all those readers still at school, one day you’ll be grown up and may live far away from your parents/siblings – you really should make the most of spending time with them now!