Bloggers Love – Material Girl Event

You must know my sheer delight when I see another Bloggers Love event invitation pop into my inbox. I get so excited and immediately click on it to find out what delights they have in store for me!

If you haven’t yet signed up to attend Bloggers Fashion Week, you really must – so many brands/fashion houses and magazines are involved, so it’s guaranteed to be a knock-out! I’ll do a post soon though, telling you all exactly what’s going to be happening so you’re clued up and ready!

Anyway, the most recent event was Material Girls – for all the jewellery lovers out there (yes, that includes me!)

These events are such a fab excuse to meet some other lovely bloggers, at this particular event I met Shante Stephens from Shante Says Style and loads of lovely designers. In particular, I spent a good hour and a half with the gorgeous Emma from Gemz by Emz who gave me an incredible insight into her brand and its huge celebrity following.

I adore these earrings and necklace. All of the jewellery sold by Emma is handmade by her, she sources all the beads and charms herself and even makes some of them. The price range is brilliant – everyone can afford a beautiful piece and many of the items are one off pieces too, which makes them even more special.

One of my favourite brands at the event (but also one of the more expensive) was Kasun-London: Endless Beginnings. The jewellery is heavenly. Each piece made a statement, beautiful designs with contradicting toughness, plastered in guns and skulls and made out of bronze, gold and silver.

Another lot worth a mention are the gorgeous pieces from the lovely ladies at the Je De Co Jewellery Designers Collective – such incredibly different designs and various materials make up one hell of an interesting collection!

Those earrings and the bracelet and ring duo were my absolute faves! How beautiful are they?!

This lovely model was rocking the jewellery by Faye Marie Jewellery along with that incredible hooded jacket – I genuinely can’t remember where it was from though!

I left the gorgeous Frida & Freya stand with one of their amazing claw rings which you may have spotted me wearing in my previous post – I’m now lusting after a lot of their items!

Last, but by no means least, is Love Thy Accessories – the ultimate brand in statement jewellery. They have the most beautiful website filled with incredible pieces at amazingly affordable prices. Payday is going to hate me!

I really can’t recommend the Bloggers Love events enough – the quality of brands that attend is fabulous and you really do meet some amazing people!

Let me know if you’re thinking of popping down to one of the events, I go to every one that I can and would love to meet some of you guys if you do, so let me know!