Something Sweet (chocolate was harmed in the making of this post)

I take after my Grandmother with my sweet-tooth. She was one of those Granny’s that had special sweet pots all over the house, and would serve you half the amount you should have had for mains so you could have double the amount of pudding. Tea time was an entire meal served at 4pm with different types of cake, and plenty of chocolate. And Sunday was put aside to go to the bakery and choose a special pastry, to have after the roast.

So, when I saw an advert for an entire magazine dedicated to sweet things, mini bakes and confectionery, I knew I had to try it! Although, I didn’t know quite how to get my hands on a copy of Something Sweet Magazine. Then I saw THIS POST by Laura and wanted it even more. By a magic twist of fate, the lovely team at Something Sweet got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try the first magazine with some chocolate to experiment with. Stupid question, of course I want to experiment! 

I was so excited when it all arrived and got stuck right in making the beautiful chocolate box, and some chocolate bark.

Of course, I did say I would experiment, so off I went to the shop to buy some mini eggs, caramel eggs and creme eggs. I did some plain chocolates, some milk chocolates and halved the eggs to pop in the heart shaped mold. 

The hardest part of all of this, was waiting for the chocolate to set. For the chocolate bark, I melted some plain chocolate into a baking tray (lined with cling film so it didn’t stick) then poured milk chocolate over the top. To add a bit of interest, I grabbed some silver sprinkles and some pink and pearl, along with some silver edible spray and got decorating!

Ta da! 

Today, I got to turn the chocolates out and pop them in their beautiful little golden jackets. 

Don’t they look dapper?

I had so much fun making these, and love the magazine. It’s got instructions on how to make fondant fancies in there too, so that will be my next challenge! Have you tried Something Sweet yet? I’m so close to subscribing as it will definitely get me making more exciting things every week, what do you think?

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