Nizuni; A Bloggers Dinner

The other weekend, The Gentleman left me to hang out with some of his old Uni friends in Birmingham. Now I get separation anxiety pretty badly these days, so as soon as I found out I was onto Twitter to ask what the local Blogging girls were up to.

I planned to meet up with Caroline at a bar for a quick drink, before she had to rush off to sample the delights of Steam & Rye in the City. To my utter delight, Ibbs then joined us for a lovely chat about all the usual – Blogging, Love, Life and of course London!

We went along to celebrate Rachel’s Blog Birthday – 5 years is no mean feat! This was held at an awesome little bar called Rev J W Simpson, tucked away on Goodge Street. Firstly you have to walk down some stairs in an extremely secluded doorway, you are then met with a slightly dim lit basement bar. The wallpaper is peeling and the chairs are mismatched but comfy. The whole place looks as though it’s a semi demolished theatre bar. Shabby Chic to a whole new level. To get to the toilets? You have to walk through an old book case. Just my kind of place. Apologetically however, I didn’t quite manage to get any photos there.

However, I did click with a few of the girls. As well as finally meeting Teffy, who I’ve been following for a while now!

After, Ibbs, Vivi and I headed off to succumb to our rumbling tums! Cue Nizuni

I might add here that I may have enjoyed a fair few cocktails at the last bar, so my views on the food here may be a little shady. We ordered three dishes to share though. A large sushi dish, Chicken Gyoza, Teriyaki Chicken and rice. The Teriyaki Chicken, I can vividly remember was one of THE most incredible things I have ever tasted. You know it’s good, if I can remember how damn tasty it was!

Of course, all bloggers have to agree that when you’re eating and taking photos, it’s best to do it with other bloggers. There’s no shame.

I obviously missed the white lace memo. I’m so off-trend, it’s shocking. 

The below picture is courtesy of the lovely Vivi, and I absolutely love it. We look so happy!

I was so exhausted that the journey home went by in a flash and before I knew it, I was safely tucked up in my bed. After a call to The Gentleman, I happily fell asleep. This whole one-night-apart stuff ‘aint so bad after all!