LFW Party with Bloggers Love

I’ve been really enjoying the Bloggers Love events recently. Held most Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, they always give me something to break up the working week that I look forward to. The last event I attended, I took the lovely Angie from Silverspoon London with me. I had just started following her blog and really liked her posts, so asked her to come with me! Asking another blogger on a ‘first date’ can be slightly nerve-racking, but I really would urge anyone to do it. If you’ve been corresponding a lot and have similar interests, definitely make the effort to meet the person!

I’d also suggest going along to events, like the Bloggers Love ones to meet other bloggers.  Everyone’s always really friendly and they’re good places to meet brand owners, and of course to do celebrity spotting! Jenna from The Valley’s and Gail Porter were at the last event and we both agreed, Jenna was lovely!

We adored the dresses at Kiss Kouture I am LUSTING after those dresses. They are gorgeous bandage dresses, skirts and tops in stunning colours and lovely thick structured fabrics. 

After drooling over them, we tucked our tongues back in our mouths and dragged our feet around the corner to see the jewellery at Not Just Stuff, only for our tongues to roll back out of our mouths again. It was literally as though someone had taken all the things that I would wear for a night out, and put them in one room. It was also torture, not being able to just sneak everything into my bag!

I urge you to have a look at the website, as the costume jewellery is incredible. I’m constantly looking for cheaper, but expensive looking alternatives to Topshop and Asos style jewellery and this covers that void in my life! 

There were also incredible clutches at Luna Amani – can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

Everyone was swept to the sides, as we made way for the models to strut their stuff through the nightclub in an array of gorgeous designs.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing the above dress is? I WANT!

After our hunger for fashion had been satisfied, we both had the familiar groan of a stomach rumble and headed upstairs to have a proper chat and a few more cocktails and nibbles. 

Mahiki is somewhere that I’ve always heard has a slight reputation for being a bit pretentious. This however was my second visit for a Bloggers Love event, and it couldn’t have been more friendly. The girls, dressed in their beautiful floral dresses, were so welcoming and fell over themselves to help us. 

I thought at the time that I took way more photos of the food and of us, but I seem to have been wrong…

Photo taken from Angie’s blog! Thanks for the borrow!! 

The food was yummy though, and it was so lovely to meet Angie after reading her blog. Thanks again to Danielle for organising another awesome event. If you’re interested in attending, sign up HERE and follow the Twitter account HERE. There’s a very exciting Bloggers Fashion Week coming up in March that you must get involved with!

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