House of Holland – Nailed by Elegant Touch

I knew I HAD to do a post on the gorgeous nail set that ASOS sent me in my welcome pack to #AccessAllAsos, as soon as I saw them. As I mentioned before, I’m always looking for a quick fix to make my nails look better, faster. I’ve only ever had fake nails on once before. I went to a little place in Exeter, filled with Chinese manicurists who cut off my beautiful long nails and stuck on these uncomfortable, plastic things that looked horrendous when they grew out after a week.

These were different. They seemed slimmer and were so much easier to use, they just stick onto the plate.

The paint work is beautiful. The nails are pointed in shape and a lovely matte, cat-like, pointed French Manicure. 

They are lovely, but much too long for me. I filed them down a bit, so they looked just a little bit more fitting.

I think however, I’m just not supposed to have fake nails. I’ve been gifted with long natural nails for a reason. I kept the nails on for the day, but they were off by the time I went to bed that night. I think they were just too long, and I was too impatient to file them down properly. Along with the fact that I didn’t initially put enough glue on them, so they weren’t stuck down enough.

If they weren’t so long, I’d be much more of a fan. Can anyone recommend me a nail product that I’ll fall in love with? I keep trying!

If you loved these, get yours HERE!