# The Herra Effect

A little while ago, I told you about THAT £140 face cream that I found out about at a Bloggers Love event. I also mentioned that there was another brand I became pretty excited about. I ended up popping over to the Herra stand and chatted to the Founder; James for a good 30/45 minutes. This was a product I had never thought about or even contemplated being in existence.

This is Herra; the hair perfume with added benefits. Not only does it leave your hair smelling delicious, but it protects it from the daily elements too. The scent appeals to pretty much every woman, as the undertones contain all the scents that appeal to us from every perfume. As every woman feels a familiarity to the scent, you really can’t help but like it. Also because the hair is thicker and has a larger surface area, I’ve noticed the scent lingers longer rather than just sitting on my skin.

Ok, so the reason it’s so good for your hair, is that it seals in moisture due to the active ingredient in the product, Glycerin. It also contains sunflower extract which provides protection against UV and shields the hair against pollution while apparently protecting your colour from fading!

If you know me, you’ll know that just finding a new product isn’t good enough anymore. I like to know the story behind the brand and the people that make it. James’ story, and the company itself probably has the most consistent and thoroughly clever branding I’ve seen in a very long time.

The name Herra comes from the name of the Greek Goddess Hera; The Goddess of women and marriage. Among other animals, the Peacock was sacred to her. It was thought that the eyes in the peacock feathers were there to look over women, and the fan of his tail protected women old and young. This is also metaphorically part of his brand, the product protects women and their hair (which I don’t know about you, but is very sacred to me!) The crown gives an element of regality and glamour to the product, it also ties well into the peacock emblem and Hera the Goddess. The Peacock has a crown on his head, and again, it’s the idea of something beautiful and completely immersed in hair. Herra Hair Perfume is truly a product that makes me feel that bit more special, and exclusive. After all, who has perfume especially for their hair? Me that’s who, and so should you!

You can buy Herra from the website HERE for just £24.99.

It’s also my pleasure to announce that just last week, Herra was added to Amazon’s luxury section under Hair Care which is a huge accomplishment and one which James and the team should be incredibly proud of!