Curly Kale Crisps

The other day I was scrolling through my Bloglovin feed and saw THIS POST from Rebecca. Snacks that take less that 10 minutes to prepare? Yes please (Lazy girl).

I wasn’t sure whether I would like them, but my palette is fairly varied so I thought I’d try it anyway!

Needless to say, I’m now hooked!

All you need is Curly Kale, Sea Salt to season, a drizzle of oil and some chilli flakes if you fancy it!

Mix it all together and pop on a baking tray. Make sure the leaves are all spread evenly and place in the oven for no more than 10 minutes! (I think I overcooked mine slightly)

It’s hard to believe that they’re going to come out as Crisps, but they really do! So good, I’m hooked on these healthy little suckers! Obviously, the less they have on them – the better they are. Perfect for quick, healthy snacks!